MONSTER MAGNET is Rock ‘n’ Roll at its best, Rock ‘n’ Roll in its strongest propagation, loud & flashy Psychedelic Rock! Right at the raging psychedelic maze: Front man Dave Wyndorf, is a dazzling figure of light and leading figure in personal union.

MONSTER MAGNET are now on tour all over Europe! Germany, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denkmark – to name just a few stops! Catch them live on the road & check all upcoming tour dates here:

30.01.2015 GR – Athens / Stage Volume 1
31.01.2015 GR – Thessaloniki / Principal Club Theater
02.02.2015 CH – Lausanne / Les Docks
03.02.2015 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp
04.02.2015 DE – München / Backstage
06.02.2015 AT – Vienna / Szene
07.02.2015 CH – Lyss / Kufa
08.02.2015 DE – Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle
10.02.2015 NL – Deventer / Burgerweeshuis
12.02.2015 BE – Antwerp / Trix
13.02.2015 UK – Nottingham / Rock City
14.02.2015 UK – Glasgow / Garage
15.02.2015 UK – London / Electric Ballroom
17.02.2015 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage
18.02.2015 NL – Eindhoven / De Effenaar
20.02.2015 DK – Arhus / Voxhall
21.02.2015 SE – Gothenborg / Sticky Fingers
22.02.2015 NO – Oslo / Parktheatret Scene
23.02.2015 NO – Stavanger / Folken
25.02.2015 DE – Bremen / Schlachthof
26.02.2015 DE – Hannover / Capitol
27.02.2015 DE – Dresden / Reithalle
28.02.2015 NL – Rotterdam / VanNelle Fabriek

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Today, doom-sludge upstarts Morbid Evils premiere the new track “South of Hell” at heavily trafficked web-portal MetalSucks.net. The  track hails from Morbid Evils‘ highly anticipated debut album, In Hate With The Burning World, set for international release on March 6th via Svart Records. Formed by Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound), the Finnish four-piece crawled out from the sewers in early 2014, and have already sparked off a buzz after a string of underground shows and the digital single “In Hate,” released last August. And that buzz continues to grow, as MetalSucks has declared the band is “its own special thing…and it’s one that we love.” Now, feel more of Morbid Evils‘ throbbing filth exclusively HERE, courtesy of MetalSucks.net.
Morbid Evils started in early 2014 out of the members’ shared love of downtuned riffs played at a slug’s pace and their hatred of humanity in general, and at the brink of summer, they found themselves with an album’s worth of original material. Recording sessions and post-production took place throughout the hot season in the darkness of the band’s own rehearsal room. The album was created from start to finish with a strongly organic approach, and much of the instrumentation was recorded live. Comments Keijo Niinimaa, “We have a desolate worldview, and our aim is to create soundscapes that suck the listener into fiery sewers in which there is no hope for a future.” Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Morbid Evils’ In Hate With The Burning World
1. Cruel
2. Crippled
3. In Hate
4. South of Hell
5. Pollute
6. Burning World



Robert Kukla  – Photo Credit Paul Keely

Lyric Video – Stillborn Bastard of The Nazarene – http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3329998/arbitrator-stillborn-bastard-nazarene-video-premiere-exclusive/

They Will Worship This Fire of Agony – Listen on Decibel Mag here

For That Which May Appease Lions – Free download on PureGrainAudio here 

Drum Video – Dirk Verbeuren EZdrummer 2 playthrough – Watch video here

 Bloody-Disgusting.com has teamed up with ARBITRATOR to premiere their new lyric video ‘Stillborn Bastard of The Nazarene’, which is off the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Indoctrination of Sacrilege’ due out on February 13th.

“‘SBOTN’ was the last song written for the album and by far the strongest testament to the future of the Arbitrator sound. Upon its completion, I knew that writing for the album had to be concluded, as it brought about such a strong revelation of musical direction for me. It’s heavy, epic, catchy, and above all… unforgivably hateful. Jorgan Redick’s tastefully crafted lyric video brings the track nothing but justice.” comments band founder Robert Kukla.

You can check out the lyric video at the following link here.

The album is produced by Sacha Laskow (ex-Divinity, Every Hour Kills) plus mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy) along with album artwork done by Colin Marks (Exodus, Scar Symmetry, Jeff Loomis).  ARBITRATOR is a project that began in late 2010 as the brainchild of Robert Kukla and officially debut in 2011 with the release “The Consummate Ascendancy” with former drummer Corey Chernesky. The new arsenal of ARBITRATOR features Robert Kukla on rhythm guitar, bass and vocals with drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, ex-Devin Townsend Project, ex-Aborted), Myles Malloy on lead guitar and Connor ORT Linning for programming. 

Track Listing: Arbitrator – Indoctrination of Sacrilege

1. They Will Worship This Fire of Agony (6:41)

2. Stillborn Bastard of The Nazarene (6:50)

3. For That Which May Appease Lions (6:56)

4. Serpent of The Styx (8:41)

5. Profaned and Perfected (7:30)

6. The Burning Sands of His Kingdom (instrumental) (3:14)

Album Length: 39:54

For more info, please visit www.arbitratorofficial.net 

“These well crafted songs have an infectious groove to them, these riffs are punishing, the drums are precise and effective, the vocals are raw and full of anger and the soaring keyboards life the songs to new heights; they give the album a grandiose feel, full of ominous presence.” – Devils Gate Media

“”The consummate ascendancy” is a fucken impressive first step and I wish the guy all the fucken best with his future endeavors. The talent is there, and obviously – so is the will.” – Global Domination

“…it quickly becomes clear that Arbitrator is more than just another death metal band. These guys are not afraid to put some experiments into their music and they still know via these two long, rather unusual songs how to make a decent impression.” – Lords of Metal

“Honestly, I’d love to hear more of this, so let’s hope Arbitrator can latch onto a label, fill out their line-up, and get working on a full-length follow-up to this very promising debut EP.” – Sea of Tranquility

Sponsors / artist endorsements:

Toontrack, Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Evans Drumheads (Dirk Verbeuren)


Oxford-based riff-hounds, DESERT STORM, are this week celebrating the release of their most recent opus, ‘Omniscient’. The five-piece are also deep into preparations for a short run of European dates in February to promote the album

The band commented: “We are very much looking forward to the release of our third record, ‘Omniscient’ – we’re so pleased with the reaction to the tracks that have been unveiled so far – if you liked those, you’ll like the rest of the album! It’s going to be great to head back out to Europe for a few shows and play some of these songs live. See you out there!”

Stream ‘Omniscient‘ in full HERE

The five piece band entered the studio in 2014 to lay down the tracks for the album, with Jamie Dodd at Flesh & Bone Studio, Hackney, before the producer – who counts Orange Goblin among his credits – returned to The Animal Farm studio in south London, where it was mixed.

The follow up to 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Horizontal Life’, which was mastered by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Sleep, Cathedral) now has a confirmed release date of 26th January 2015. What may appear to the untrained eye to be a straight up stoner rock album, has a bluesy depth and at times veers towards a folk-tinged acoustic edge.  The band will be showing off their diversity on stage when they play Desert Fest in London this coming April, alongside the likes of Sleep, Red Fang, and Orange Goblin.

Upcoming Live Dates
Thursday 5th February – The Library, Oxford, UK
Friday 6th February – Antwerp Music City, Antwerp, BE
Saturday 7th February – Rock Cafe Jinx, Zaandam, NL
Sunday 8th February – Bassy Club, Berlin, DE
Sunday 26th April – Desert Fest, London, UK
Friday 1st May – The Moon Club, Cardiff, UK

aaa3d2e8-ff7e-4844-8158-40d59c51dc5dTracklisting for Omniscent

  1. Outlander
  2. Queen Reefer
  3. Horizon
  4. Sway of The Tides
  5. Home
  6. House of Salvation
  7. Night Bus Blues
  8. Bandwagon
  9. Blue Snake Moan
  10. Collapse of The Bison Lung

Artwork for the release was created by Bolton based tattoo artist Dale Sarok.

DESERT STORM will appeal to fans of The Sword, Clutch, Down and Torche. ‘Omniscient’ is their third album – their heaviest, yet most diverse release to date. The band have notched up many high profile support slots over the years, including tours with Karma To Burn and Nashville Pussy.

Omniscient is available digitally via iTunes, or via the Blindsight Records Bandcamp digitally or on CD. Vinyl will follow via Secret Law Recordings

Find DESERT STORM on the internet:



From foundation of the band, over recordings for their debut album to the sensational chart entry on #61 now: melodic metallers SERIOUS BLACK have achieved quite a lot within barely more than a year.
This success now somehow recompenses for the band’s recent strain of bad luck, which saw guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Thomen Stauch forced to cancel their participating on the first SERIOUS BLACK tour (supporting HammerFall). Replacements were found in Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and Ramy Ali (Freedom Call, Iron Mask).
Thomen Stauch comments on the chart entry:
“Thanks a million, German metal heads! Serious Black have entered the German media control charts on #61!!! That’s a great start… a big hug for all who supported us on this journey so far! You rule!”.

Check out SERIOUS BLACK’s latest videos:
„High And Low“ video clip
“I Seek No Other Life” lyric video


“Ravenhead”, the new studio album by German power metal masters ORDEN OGAN, has just entered the official album charts in Germany on a sensational #16! “Ravenhead” follows 2012’s “To The End”, which achieved #41 back then.
The band is checking in from their ongoing European tour with HammerFall:
„Un-fucking-believable!”, vocalist/guitarist Seeb says. “Orden Ogan in the Top 20 of the album charts?! We are totally stunned and want to thanks all our fans for their amazing support. Also we just received info that “Ravenhead” has additionally entered the album charts in Switzerland on #56. Wow!”

Check out ORDEN OGAN’s latest video clip “F.E.V.E.R” and the lyric video “Ravenhead”.


The UNDER THE BLACK SUN 2015 has recently confirmed the last bands for the festival in July. BLODARV, one of the oldest Danish Black Metal bands, and Doom/Stoner metallers CARONTE will join the bands which will bring darkness to Helenenau.

Final line up:

MOGH (Persia-Israel)

The UNDER THE BLACK SUN 2015 will take place from July 2nd to July 4th in Helenau (near Berlin). Tickets are available at the Folter Records mailorder.

More information about the UNDER THE BLACK SUN  are available here:

UTBS on Facebook

UTBS Homepage



New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT have released a full track by track commentary for every song on the band’s forthcoming album, ‘The American Dream Died’. Find the piece written by the band’s iconic frontman Roger Miret below.

The band also announced the collaboration of legendary AGNOSTIC FRONT/MADBALL guitarist Matt Henderson on the song ‘A Wise Man’. Miret commented: “Matt Henderson tracked all guitars for ‘A Wise Man’ being that song has a total ‘One Voice’ era feel! Our good friend Ricky Singh (BACKTRACK NYHC) is to credit for the songs existence! The band executed it with such a great feel and bringing in our brother and ex-AF veteran Matt Henderson to solely do the guitar tracks was just magical!”


The American Dream Died:  “It’s a harsh look at what’s going on today in our society. The intro that precedes this song says it all! It’s a reaction to everything happening around us right now. The higher ups are out of control!”

Police Violence: “This is our reaction to what’s going on in our country regarding the unprovoked brutality of our citizens by those who we pay to “protect and serve” us.  If they are going to act like criminals, then they should be prosecuted as one! They have some kind of elite fraternity-like understanding that they protect each other with.  Don’t abuse your badge!”

Only In America: “It’s sad to learn that the people who serve in our military and risk their lives fighting in wars come home to the government not giving a shit about them, especially if those veterans were wounded mentally or physically. They gotta go through a lot of bullshit just to try and get a little help and support. You’ve gotta be blind if you don’t see that, only in America. This is why I strongly believe the US Government should stop policing the world, and start caring for the issues right here in the USA!”

Test Of Time: “Learning from the past is important, to help you move forward and not make the mistakes we did in our youth. Longevity is the key to success. We won’t get left behind.”

We Walk The Line: “It’s a statement of who we are and how we live in relation to the hardcore community.”

Never Walk Alone: We always spoke about unity and how sticking together will help us grow as scene. Hardcore is worldwide now. This is our scene, our passion and it was great to present this song with honorable NYHC veteran’s Freddy Cricien (MADBALL), Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL) joining on the anthemy chorus!!! Punk rock/Hardcore is a movement it’s not an image!”

Enough Is Enough: “Protest song! I once read an inspiring quote that went like this “I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical” – Thomas Jefferson.”

I Can’t Relate: “Dealing with different people you don’t like in different situations. Could be applied to a boss, ex-girlfriend, someone who lives a completely opposite lifestyle, etc.”

Old New York: “New York City has lost its edge. It’s been stripped of its culture and over run by money. Making it hard for musicians and artist to live there. Now we’re surrounded by transplants and rich hipsters. Let’s face it, it’s not the NYC I once adored. That one is so well documented in one of my favorite movies Taxi Driver! Hence the intro, I Miss The Old New York.”

Social Justice: “Nothing is more disgusting than hearing about a grown man rapping a child. This song talks about a man who got caught in the act and was served street justice stabbed with knives from his head to his toes. Justice served!”

Reasonable Doubt: “Our whole lives we’ve been criminalized for one reason or another. But it’s actually the media, the corporations and the government who are the scumbags. Power to the people standing up against them. Wake the fuck up people!”

No War Fuck You: “Self explanatory, stop creating wars so you can justify your unlimited defense budget and make all your friends rich. Innocent people are dying for your stupid games.”

Attack!: “On some occasions people tend to disrespect and take our kindness for weakness. We have always been known for never taken shit from anyone. Cross the line and we will attack!”

A Wise Man: “Growing up in NYC living in and out of Vinnie’s apartment. Our old friend John always looked out for us like a father figure. He tried to guide us in the right direction and give us good advice. He was a wise man, a friend forever.” 

Just Like Yesterday: “This song takes us on the journey through our history as a band, from touring all over the world and making friends that still remain loyal today. One of my favorite lines is “From NYC to the Berlin beat.” It shows our love for those two great cities and our great world accomplishments as a hardcore comunity.”


Singer Roger Miret comments further: “We chose this title cause we want to open up people’s eyes to what’s going on in this country. We have a lot to say. Not everyone realizes that our government and the people who run this country are so corrupt, greedy and ruthless. We need to educate the ones we reach. We’re losing our values. We address real issues from full blown corruption and scandals to unjust police abuse and brutality. Everything’s we stood for as a country is going down the drain. But we still somewhat have our freedom of speech. We’re expressing it all through this record while we can.”

The American Dream Died was produced by MADBALL singer Freddy Cricien and engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (H2OTERROR) and will be released 6th April 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record will feature guest appearances by CricienToby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL).

The American Dream Died tracklisting reads as follows:

01. Intro

02. The American Died

03. Police Violence

04. Only In America

05. Test Of Time

06. We Walk The Line

07. Never Walk Alone feat. Freddy Cricien, Toby Morse & Lou Koller

08. Enough Is Enough

09. I Can’t Relate

10. Old New York

11. Social Justice

12. Reasonable Doubt

13. No War Fuck You

14. Attack!

15. A Wise Man feat. Matt Henderson on guitar

16. Just Like Yesterday

ALKALOID: Premiere 2nd Song “Cthulu” via Metal Sucks

Band featuring current and former members of Necrophagist, Obscura, Dark Fortress, Aborted, & Spawn of Possession wrap-up Indiegogo Campaign

Debut Full-Length The Malkuth Grimoire to see self-release this March


Photo Credit: Christian Martin Weiss

Germany’s most extreme progressive metal supergroup, ALKALOID have recently completed their highly anticipated debut album The Malkuth Grimoire.  In celebration of this event, the band has premiered the song “Cthulu” via MetalSucks HERE.

Consisting of a pedigree of extreme musicians, including current and former members of Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Aborted, Dark Fortress, God Dethroned, Blotted Science and Noneuclid, ALKALOID set out to push the boundaries of progressive, extreme music on their full-length debut.  The group also decided to self-record and self-release The Malkuth Grimoire via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com.  The campaign has less than three days remaining and the band has already surpassed their goal.

ALKALOID previously released the single “Carbon Phases” along with an album teaser which can both be heard HERE.  A trailer for the crowdfunding campaign can be viewed HERE.

Besides CDs, downloads and T-Shirts, the band is offering perks which include personal items, equipment of current and previous recordings plus the offer to do session work for a contributor’s own project. Fan’s can contribute to the project HERE.

Drummer Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Ex­-Obscura, Ex­-Necrophagist) commented on the completion of the album:

We finished the mix of “The Malkuth Grimoire”. Well, what can I say…it’s a monolith. I really have no clue how people will react when hearing the whole thing. But I’m happy. No doubt that it is the best sounding record of my career. And it’ heavy…I mean HEAVY!!

Alakaloid is: 

Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) – ­Vocals, Guitars

Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, Ex­-Obscura, Ex­-Necrophagist) ­- Guitars

Danny Tunker (Aborted, Ex­-God Dethroned) ­- Guitars

Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid) ­- Bass

Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Ex­-Obscura, Ex­-Necrophagist) -­ Drums

About Alkaloid:  

Alkaloid is a new band created by five good friends, who happen to be well-known musicians of the metal genre. Their intention is to go beyond any limit that metal music sub-genres might have these days and create the world’s most extreme Prog Metal band.

They define themselves through the field of tension created between musical opposites. All band members are active death metal musicians who nevertheless all have a much broader view of music than blast beats and growls. They establish from the beginning that they have many faces, and that oscillating between (seemingly) contrary or mutually exclusive styles is an important factor.

Alkaloid Official Site

Swedish death metal masters DEMONICAL have recently went into the studio to record what will be the band’s brand new EP. The material is scheduled for a spring release via Agonia Records.

The first new tracks since the release of the 2013’s acclaimed “Darkness Unbound” album, are being recorded in Amplified Studios (drums) and Wing Studios (rest of the instruments) in Sweden, with Sverker Widgren (vocals) behind the knobs. Sverker will also be handling the mixing and mastering duties in the near future.

On the recording of the new EP, bassist Martin Schulman commented: “Armed with blood and iron we have hereby started the recording process of a new four track EP, once again bringing forth the ravishing sounds of HM-2 and razorsharp chants of Stockholm-style death metal darkness. The hour of death draws near!”.

Spawned in March 2006 by members of Centinex, DEMONICAL preserves the flame of sheer, traditional death metal with a suitable dose of melodiousness. With four full-length albums already under the belt, international tours, and high rankings in reader-polls in several magazines, the band inked a new record deal with Agonia Records at the end of 2015.

Fans can catch DEMONICAL live on numerous occasions this year:

30.04 (GER) Greifswald – Klex (with Gehenna)
01.05 (GER) Bitterfeld – Festung (with Gehenna)
02.05 ((NL) Leeuwarden – Poppodium Romein (with Gehenna)
03.05 (NL) Rotterdam – Baroeg (with Gehenna)
04.05 (BEL) Waregem – Gasolina (with Gehenna)
05.05 (GER) Weinheim – Cafe Central (with Gehenna)
06.05 (GER) Aalen – Rock It (with Gehenna)
07.05 (CZE) Prague – Modra Vopice (with Gehenna)
08.05 (POL) Poznan – Club U Bazyla (with Gehenna)
09.05 (GER) Erfurt – From Hell (with Gehenna)
13.06 (RO) Bucharest – Metalhead Meeting Festival
04.07 (AT) Scharnstein – Sick Midsummer Festival
12.08 (GER) Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze Festival
13.08 (GER) Barth – Barther Metal Open Air

DEMONICAL on-line:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/demonicalofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/demonicalband
Youtube: www.youtube.com/demonicalofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/demonicalofficial
Website: www.demonical.net
Merchandise: www.demonicalmerch.net
Liveblog : www.demonicalofficial.blogspot.se

Agonia Records:
Website: http://agoniarecords.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/agoniarecords
Twitter: https://twitter.com/agoniarecords
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/agoniarecords
YouTube: http://youtube.com/AgoniaRec