1000mods Album Review: “Repeated Exposure To…”

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Album Review By Caner Can


1000mods, formed in 2006 in Greece, released their stoner album ‘Repeated Exposure to…’ in last Autumn; the name is a real warning as you can’t listen to this album sitting in your couch, without turning the volume up! Get ready for the killer stoner riffs!

This album, contrary to the other albums that 1000mods released is much more energetic; they sound like they have given up the doomy sound that they had in ‘Super Van Vacation’ but they are even heavier now and have built a signature sound. The album will catch you just in a minute with the aggressive riffs and lyrics.

If you already listen to their music, you should know their lyrical themes; freedom, anarchy, sarcastic feelings… In their last album they made it again, you will find yourself shouting the lyrics of the songs.

Doomed, stoned and with the Greek anarchy, the new album slowly gets underway with ‘Above179’, making you shout with the striking riffs and go seek the liberty! It looks like they’ve made what they try to achieve with the harsh vocals and edgy lyrics; it’s like a declaration of the new stoner scene in Europe. The tempo goes up with the song ‘Loose’ with dirty basses and it makes you want to bang your head loosely with the rhythm. With the song ‘Electric Carve’ we see a certain change from their old sound in ‘Super Van Vacation’, which is actually all over the album; it is more stoner than doom metal, and a little bit funky, but they still sound as heavy as doom, with the energetic riffs and the tempo that never goes down.

‘The Son’ with the bluesy intro and sudden change to hard hitting riffs is like a summary of 1000mods; calm and bluesy but still heavy, it gives you 8 minutes to rest and then headbang again with ‘A.W.’ which is mixing funk elements with stoner with the solos that perfectly fit the song. ‘On a Stone’ sounds like the other works 1000mods did, which are really nice, with the slow and heavy rhythms. Seventh song of the album ‘Groundhog Day’ has really trippy guitar tones and solos which goes really well along with the riffs. In the last song, ‘Into the Spell’, the tempo goes up again with the nice clean delayed guitar sounds, and vocals shouting ‘I’m high!’, perfectly describing the whole album.

If Kyuss had reunited and made an album that would be their sound! Whole album perfectly describes the stoner rock sound with a Greek soul. The album is probably the most prominent stoner album of last year. And they are constantly touring, don’t miss the chance to rock ’n’ roll with them!


Electric Carve
The Son
On A Stone
Groundhog Day
Into The Spell


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