A Sun Traverse Album Review: “A Sun Traverse” EP

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Album Review By Vicky Jackson-Milne


Doomy death, black metaly doom, melodicy doomy deathy black metal, take your pic out of those three, this EP covers all of them remarkably.

Danish sextet A Sun Traverse, revealed their debut EP to the world in December 2016. With none of the members being newbies to the scene, this EP wasn’t expected to be a novice experiment, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Opening with ‘Still Shining’ this record takes you by surprise as the vocals just jump out at you straight away in the first second of the song, It has a riff that just chuggs along nicely with quite a shrill snare/crash sound, though I found the keyboard accompaniment a little overpowering. It settles down briefly around 1 minute in and takes a much darker turn, showcasing the bitter throaty vocals.

I’m not quite sure why instrumentals get put on EP’s, I find it a bit of a waste of track space, so when ‘The Meadow’ started, I was left a bit confused. 2 minutes of plinking around on a piano which, as pretty as it sounds, and it is a pretty tune, it’s a bit pointless.

The massive serving of Doom is delivered to you via ‘Dance, Darkness Dance’. Eight minutes of full on slow, heavy, dark doom. It plods along well, with a little piano interlude every so often to ease the weight pushing down on your shoulders from all of the heaviness. The guitars work in unison well on this track, and the drums are slow and relentless.

‘The Autumn of Fall’ is a complete soundscape, it takes you literally to every genre mentioned above, 6 minutes and 18 seconds of not knowing what riff, rhythm, synth is going to happen next. The vocals, as deep and gutteral as they are, just seem to soar across the enchanting musical backdrop effortlessly.

Which is why I don’t get the ending. ‘The Harvest’ is another instrumental track that doesn’t really offer anything to the EP, it’s keyboard and some sort of breathy ‘I think someone is in pain’ vocal over the top of it. A disappointing end to this EP.

All in all, this isn’t a bad EP, I believe that a full length will be in production soon, which will be interesting to hear. It caters for most tastes, but as said above, I think the instrumentals shouldn’t really be on there. However, this EP is easy to escape your mind to when listening. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the melody and will either have your head slowly bobbing or you’ll be swaying slowly side to side.

LISTEN FOR: The Autumn of Fall


Still Shining
The Meadow
Dance, Darkness Dance
The Autumn of Fall
The Harvest




Vocals: Michael H. Andersen
Guitar: Tais Pedersen
Bass: Lennart Jacobsen
Guitar: Peter Ercius Poulsen
Drums: Nikolaj Borg

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