About Us

cropped-12167238_1504051876577668_1590839796_n.jpgWe are a site specialising in Metal Music and welcome your interaction, our podcasts are featured regularly on Blabbermouth and band sites and we now work alongside Dean guitars with their podcasts.

We also try to keep you up to date with the latest news as much as we can.
Contact Us if you think there are ways we can improve or if you want to contribute, with CD and gig reviews, photographs etc.


History of this site

Click this link to see what the site used to look like http://metalgodstv.com/timemachine/Metal_Gods/Home.html

This site came about when we were reading a metal magazine and decided that we could come up with something better, and here it is.
We show you video footage of the bands and written and visual interviews, we also ask you to be as interactive as possible with your questions for bands, and ideas for future reviews.

If you are a band or know of a band that you think we should see, then let us know about it as we give all bands equal billing no matter their status.
Most of all though we we want you to enjoy the site and spread the word !

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