Akoma Album Review: “Revangels”

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Album Review By Custer Elver


They are from Denmark, they have done the time in the Danish underground scene since 2004 and now are out with their debut full-length, “Revangels”, released under the banner of Massacre Records.

The fantastic artwork caught my attention immediately, before I completely drowned in their majestic symphonic work.

I won’t lie, these guys are not particularly original in what they play, but they do it very well with continuous references to the top players of the genre (Within Temptation, Nightwish and Leave’s Eyes above all) and Liv Kristine featuring in the track “Revangels” doesn’t help to consider the band with their own identity. But let’s not judge this book by its cover, because they have something interesting to say, and originality to any cost is not a worth.

“Revangels” is perfect from a technical point of view: high-level production, incredible performances by the musicians and an intense atmosphere able to cradle the listener through powerful riffing, sweet melodies and majestic rides. Tanya Bell’s voice is wonderful and she leads the band with charm and charisma. If I should describe the band in few words, I would say they are a darker version of Nightwish.

It’s easy to say the title track “Ravangels” is the most interesting song of the album due to the catchy refrains and the presence of Mrs Kristine as special guest, but several tracks deserve to be mentioned. The epic “Change of Propensity” is fast, dark and intense. The elegiac atmosphere of “Mesopotamia” cradle the mind through time and space. The Celtic mood of “Bittersweet Memories” is, maybe, the best way to say goodbye after a very interesting journey.

The approach of the band is very modern and that is so evident in the guitar riffing, hyper compressed, and in the rhythm section patterns which lead the way with the right conviction. Orchestration and synths doubling guitar riffing provide the tracks deepness, creating a dreamy atmosphere which wrap the listener’s mind in a shell made of dreams and nightmares, elegiac and astonishing tunes, light and darkness.

Akoma have a glittering future in front of them and I am quite sure we’ll hear something great from them.


Enticing Desire
Revangels (Feat. Liv Kristine)
Change Of Propensity
Hands Of Greed
Heartless Deceiver
Bittersweet Memories (Bonus Track)


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