Aphemia Album Review: “Terminus” EP

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Album Review By Phil Bruce


Describing themselves as ‘an alternative electronic rock-metal band’ creates the generic 2 responses – ‘Er…no thanks mate’ or ‘What…..oooo maybe?’ & for certain Derby based Aphemia fall into the second of those 2 categories.

EP opener ‘Terminal’ kicks off with huge heavy guitars from singer Frank Howell & Tom Gill intertwined with Rick Harwood’s beautifully layered keyboards. Add in some surprisingly heavy drum skills from Dan Pye & suddenly you realise this may be a totally different adventure to your original expectation.

‘Bring Me Back’ starts off with a synth infused Disturbed feel before drifting into a more Muse type prog effort that showcases Frank’s once in a generation voice. A hugely modern & unique voice that has a hint of Joe Elliot at his pop-gravel tinged prime.

‘Sacrifice’ reminds me of that spectacular era of Dream Theater (‘Images and Words’) with that true metal guitar sound & keyboard backing that propelled them to fame – no reason why this shouldn’t be happening here too with the right luck & opportunities.

‘Denial’ drifts into Power Metal territory beautifully – rhythm section of Dan & bassist Gav Archer really add the depth here to make this the standout song for me. The power in the riffs all the way through the heavier sections here are an utter joy & when Frank unleashes the huge notes you know how special this is.

In EP closer ‘Chemical’ there is what is destined to my ears to become a classic. 8 minutes long and with Muse overtones in both vocal & musical direction.

This really is an adventure worth the time it’s taken to make (over 3 years) – it’s hard to believe these songs aren’t already being heard on mainstream & rock radio. Highly recommended & looking like they’re heading into some really diverse territory now as well makes the Aphemian journey look all the more exciting. Enjoy & share it with them.


Bring Me Back


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