Aversio Humanitatis – Spanish Black/Death-Metal Group Reveal New Song Via No Clean Singing

Spanish blackened death-metal group Aversio Humanitatis have just shared a new song from their forthcoming new EP “Longing for the Untold”, which is set for release on March 1st via BlackSeed Productions.

Titled “Advent of the Inescapable“, this new track has premiered via No Clean Singing, who commented “…deeply haunting and uneasy, beginning right from the start as the voices of a ghostly choir rise like mist above slow, dismal chords. Even when the music becomes a maelstrom of blasting drums, warped riffing, and beastlike roars, the unearthly aura of the song persists, due in part to the demented and pestilential lead-guitar melody, which pulses with feverish, unnatural energy.”

Listen to “Advent of the Inescapable” here.

Check out the first single “Prision of Shattered Glass” at this location.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist S.D. at The Empty Hall Studio, “Longing for the Untold” follows-up the band’s full-length album “Abandonment Ritual” released in 2012 and sees the Spaniards hardening and sharpening their twisted and obscure blackened death-metal style that will surely impress fans of Ævangelist, Grave Miasma and Portal.



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