Bad Touch Album Review: “Truth Be Told”

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Album Review By Chris Palmer


Bad Touch is a rock band which hails from Norfolk. The five-piece consists of Stevie Westwood [Vocals], Harry Slater [Guitar], George Drewry [Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals], Michael Bailey [Bass], and Daniel Seekings [Guitar, Backing Vocals].

The band formed six years ago when its members were still attending school and college. Debut album, “Half Way Home”, was recorded and released in 2015 and received universal approval throughout the music scene. The quintet’s second album was released on 2nd December 2016. Entitled “Truth Be Told”, it was recorded in Mwnci Studios in Wales and consists of twelve tracks spread over a total running time of 48 minutes and 22 seconds.

It should be noted that original lead guitarist Rob Glendinning recorded on “Truth Be Told”. However, all good things must come to an end. At the beginning of 2017, Rob announced that he was leaving Bad Touch in order to focus on his growing business interests. He recommended 20-year-old guitar virtuoso, Harry Slater, as his replacement. You’ll be able to see Harry in action with his new bandmates in Bad Touch on their current tour with Broken Witt Rebels [see below for details]. Meanwhile, the purpose of this article is to review that second album, “Truth Be Told”, so let’s get to it.

The album begins with impressive guitar-play as “One More Night” blasts from the speakers with its rather contagious blues/rock grooves and memorable vocals. The tempo increases as Bad Touch launch into the excellent and rocking “99%”. The rhythm is as catchy as hell and it’s the perfect number to have blasting from the speakers while you’re driving around with the windows down during the summertime. I can understand why “99%” was selected as one of the singles from the album and, believe me, you’ll be singing along to the chorus of this great Rock ‘N’ Roll number within seconds.

The music changes to a more bluesy direction with the slower-moving “Waiting For This”. The rhythm is mesmerising and will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet as Stevie sings about bitterness, resentment, and forgiveness. The band continue to consume your thoughts as they roll through “Under My Skin” before slapping you in the face with “Heartbreaker, Soulshaker” and its funky grooves and impressive guitar-play from Rob and Daniel. The first half of the album is brought to a close with the bluesy and therapeutic “Take Your Time” … take a deep breath, step back, and give yourself a little time for reflection.

The rocking “Let The Sun Shine” kicks off the second half of the album in style with its feel-good vibe and rhythm. Two minutes later the tempo changes as the encouraging “My Mother Told Me” kicks in with a terrific rhythm and rocking groove. The guitar solos during the second half of this number are a joy to the ears and the rhythm section of George and Michael provide great energy throughout. Such excellent musicianship continues with the impressive “Outlaw”, as Bad Touch tell the story of an ageing gunfighter from the old wild west in between moments of terrific guitar-play. “Made To Break” rocks along and is followed by “Healing Hand” and its lyrical content that touches on tolerance and forgiveness.

The album closes with the boundary-stretching, yet brilliant “The Mountain”. This final number touches on the subject of the human race sucking the world dry of its resources and living in a way that is ultimately unsustainable. The song serves as a warning that Mother Nature will fight back, unless we, the people of the world, become united and change our ways. A harsh truth, but a Truth Be Told with the aid of cracking Blues-Rock.

With “Truth Be Told”, Bad Touch have made an album of 12 tracks of terrific Blues-Rock. Each song contains variety while maintaining the band’s signature sound. Everything that you’d expect from a band sitting in the Blues-Rock genre is there … from Classic Rock with a definite Southern Boogie influence, to the heavy guitar riffs and tight rhythm section, all accompanied by an impressive vocal performance which keeps you hooked from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of the mighty Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes, then you’ll definitely love this. As for me, I really enjoyed this album and intend to check out the band’s other material.

Bad Touch began a UK tour on 16th March with fellow co-headliners Broken Witt Rebels. I’ll be catching them at The Borderline, London on Saturday 8th April, so come and join me in witnessing one of the UK’s infectious Blues-Rock bands perform live!


One More Night
Waiting For This
Under My Skin
Heartbreaker, Soulshaker
Take Your Time
Let The Sun Shine
My Mother Told Me
Made To Break
Healing Hand
The Mountain

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