Black Skies Burn/UK HateGrind Album Review: “Brian Blessed Are The Sick” [Split]

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Album Review By Gavin Brown


This split album showcases two of the most fearsome bands on the UK underground with both Black Skies Burn and UK HateGrind (who feature former members of BSB) mixing up huge helpings of grindcore and thrash and death metal into a brutal melting pot of noise laden musical filth.

Black Skies Burn churn out the first eight tracks with UK HateGrind following them with twelve tracks of violent, grinding fun, and fun it is throughout, albeit fun with an extremely warped and twisted sense of humour with some brilliantly named tracks like The Heineken Manoeuvre by Black Skies Burn and Nun, So Vile and Postmortem Pat by UK HateGrind among the best puns on show as well as the Prince Vultan/Morbid Angel tribute of the split’s title and all of this shows that both of the bands don’t take themselves too seriously. It is that warped and very tongue in cheek and very British sense of humour that gives both of the bands a warmth about them rather than coming across as po-faced as some similar bands can. Despite having an undeniable sense of humour, the music here is no joke and both of these bands can grind with the best of them, and grind they do with a healthy dose of brutal metal stylings in there too.

Black Skies Burn kick things off with Dead By Association and proceed to blast through their tracks manically and sound as if they are having the time of their lives with tracks like Censorshit, a brutal song with a cracking Bad News sample as its intro, the grooving heaviness of 10% Of Fuck All and the perfectly titled Grind all demonstrating the caustic Black Skies Burn sound, a brilliant melding of thrash, grind and death metal. They end their side with a faithful cover of Deceived by the legendary Extreme Noise Terror (complete with spot on Vane/Jones dual vocals) and prove why they are one of the best and most respected bands on the UK extreme metal underground. A lot of bands would struggle following that onslaught but UK HateGrind just get on with it with a show of sheer ferocity and well chosen samples that starts with The Bloated Mess Of Satan and ends with All Out Gore and takes in Left Hand Psychopath, Tearer and Morbid Orphan among its highlights along the way in a blast to the senses.

As is fitting for a grind album, the whole thing is over as quickly as you realise but that just makes you want to put it on again straight away and take in the rapid fire blasts once again. So turn on, turn up and grind along with two of the Undergrounds finest talents and revel in their mixtures of utter ferocity with a fine line in tongue in cheek humour that doesn’t descend into parody, something both bands do with style.


Black Skies Burn

Dead By Association
T-Rex Stroke Arm
The Heineken Manouevre
Make You Humble
10% Of Fuck All
Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror)

UK HateGrind

The Bloated Mess Of Satan
Fisted By The Hand That Feeds
Nun, So Vile
Postmortem Pat
Gastric Throat Gag
Creature Cumfarts
Left Hand Psychopath
Morbid Orphan
All Out Gore

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