Classic Alien Invasion is back with a Crowdfunding Campaign.

Classic Alien Invasion is back with a Crowdfunding Campaign.

Get ready to get pain in the ass!

Classic Alien Invasion, one of the most promising metal newcomers of our universe.

Founded in early 2007 close to Achouffe by huge Thrash and Speed Metal enthusiasts John Harper and Tom
.  Forged in the black holes of their youthful passions, they produce a metal music back to its roots,
straight in your face and far from the complex structures or lyrical stuff that a lot of bands propose today but
keeping melodies.  Different tempos, aggressive riffs and sounds with guitars driving the music like a jam
session coming
 from the belly of Roswell. They left aside some production tools to create a fresh and
expressive music.  At the end the result is a metal incident not suited for a fragile ear or an ear-fed of metal
blockbusters. In some words, the space from a garage.
In space…
            no one can hear her scream…

but you will hear them rock! 

Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Summary/Résumé/Zusammenfassung

A single offer for the fan, the first LP of Classic Alien Invasion in a beautiful vinyl edition limited to 500 copies with its download card to get the digital album and its digital promotional material, a signed picture of the band mascot Clint and 1 lifetime ticket of concert to attend 1 show of Classic Alien Invasion anytime, anywhere.

Une seule offre, le premier LP de Classic Alien Invasion dans une belle édition en vinyle limitée à 500 exemplaires avec sa carte de téléchargement pour télécharger album et artwork, une photo signée de la mascotte Clint et un ticket valable à vie pour assister à un concert du groupe.

Die erste LP von Classic Alien Invasion in einer wunderschönen Vinyl Edition, limitiert auf 500 Exemplare. Eine Download Karte für die digitale Version der LP. Ein signiertes Bild des Band Maskottchens CLINT. Ein immer gültiges Konzert Ticket für ein Konzert der Band.

Tom’s Message

Classic Alien Invasion releases time to time tracks on the web, but some of our fans asked us to release a physical media, here we go!

We want to give the opportunity to our fans to get a physical copy of this “first album”, it will be the only physical product to be released for this music and it will be limited to 500 copies.

As it will be the only one, we want to give you the best we can propose for a fair price.  As we know that lot of our fans appreciate vinyls we propose this single offer: a high quality vinyl, 33rpm, heavy black 180Gr, engraved with a gatefold 2 panels outer sleeve.

The vinyl will be delivered with a download card to get the full digital album with its digital promotional material, a picture of our mascot Clint signed by the band and a ticket of concert to attend one show of Classic Alien Invasion anytime, anywhere.

The track list of the album is the following: GaAab, Cosmos Family Values, Alien Number One, Alienophobia, Mars Blast Wave, Tractor Beam, Live Damage Special Edition and Classic Alien Invasion.  Some of these songs are available on Soundcloud.

Thank you very much for your support,


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