Coexistence Album Review: “Everlasting Scars”

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Album Review By Gavin Brown


Hailing from France and inspired by the likes of Symphony X, Iced Earth and Dream Theater, Coexistence play traditional heavy metal with the focus on big choruses and epic structures and they do that very well and the band follow up their previous album, 2012’s Flow with this latest offering Everlasting Scars, an album that is jam packed full of soaring vocals, galloping riffs and big songs.

The emphasis is on those big and bold anthemic songs and the band mostly deliver on that front as when it does pay off, then it pays off well. Songs like Awakening and Wasted Times are well crafted metal anthems with many powerful qualities while the album’s closing track Bring Me Home is a wonderfully sprawling power ballad that closes the album in fine style and these three tracks undoubtedly have that anthemic quality to them that the band strive for. The problem with Everlasting Scars is that there are a few too many filler tracks and if the album was to be slimmed down a little, then it would be much more enjoyable. Far from being bad however, it’s just that songs like Around You and Me and What It Takes sound like the band are treading water and that is not what you want to hear from an obviously talented band like Coexistence.

The album is also let down as well by the fact that the majority of songs on Everlasting Scars have a little too much of an overproduced sheen and are just lacking a little bit of grit to them and that as well as being a bit repetitive, this is something that can’t be ignored unfortunately but in terms of songwriting ability and the performance of the songs, the band cannot be faulted and when they do get it right the results are fantastic and as long as they are creating songs like Awakening, The Tide Is Turning and Bring Me Home then they will go far, it’s just that as a whole, Everlasting Scars is sadly lacking in something that is special overall.


Revealing The Unseen
When The Fire Is Rising
Temple Oblivion
Around You And Me
What It Takes
Break Of Dawn
Everlasting Scars
The Tide Is Turning
Wasted Times
Bring Me Home

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