Collapse The Sky Album Review: “Se7en Eyes”

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Album Review By Phil Bruce


A bit late to the party here but this, Collapse The Sky’s first album, was released over a year ago (it’s currently yours to download for the frankly ludicrous price of £2.99) & I’ve only just discovered it… I’ve missed this is beyond me!

CTS are a Norwich based 5-piece metal band that sit in one of the best bits of metal for me – somewhere between thrash & hardcore – with tinges of both industrial & prog too, they are a complete breath of fresh air.

From the explosive opening scream on ‘I Love to Hate’ right through to the industrial tinged ‘Shark Week’ this is as relentless as anything I’ve heard in its aural assault & when you realise they’ve only been gigging for a year there is plenty of excitement around these guys.

Interestingly for me the second half of the album is stronger than the first & from ‘Left for Dead’s big big chorus into the wonderful mysterious female voice in ‘Liars’ adding some wonderful depth to an outstanding song with just a hint of prog too.

‘Return (Interlude)’ is no break of any sort – packed full of anger & with quality to rival anything in the genre. Absolutely love it – my favourite on the album.

Closer ‘Shark Week’ has riffs that must surely guarantee pits when played live & twists even darker & heavier as it progresses – certainly leaves me sincerely believing it is, as they tell us, ‘Shark Week’!

Vocalist Lee Margaillan, guitarists Donovan Jones & Flynn Green, bassist Giles Neill & drummer Luke Fowler all excel in their respective instruments & Se7en Eyes is 10 songs of explosive metal that mesmerise, hypnotize & soar with power, anger, passion & darkness. This kind of quality is rarely heard in a first album – I will be making sure I’m at the front of the queue for album 2 when it’s released later this year as I’m looking forward to the next chapter of what promises to be Collapse The Sky’s almost certain rise to far bigger things.


Love To Hate
Devil’s Touch
Keep Me In Mind
Left For Dead
Never Alone
Shark Week

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