Construct Album Review: “The Deity”

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Album Review By Chris Palmer


Construct is a five-piece metal band from Stoke-on-Trent, which was formed from the ashes of former rock bands Zero Divide and Terrestrial. The band originally started life as a group of music enthusiasts in early 2013 with Richard Howle [Guitars], Callum Howle [Vocals], and Samuel Hunt [Drums] who were performing to Richard’s pre-composed solo project Xenogenocide. During the next two years, the trio joined forces with Chris Lovatt [Bass] and Mike Foxall [Guitars], hence Construct was formed.

Earlier this year saw the release of the quintet’s debut album “The Deity”, which displays the band’s powerful and energetic performances throughout eleven storming tracks.

The album has a total running time of 54 minutes, 33 seconds and is a fulfilling listen which begins with “When Conscience Calls”. Neat guitar-play, bass lines, and drumming hit you before the tempo increases and harsh vocal screams introduce the dual harsh/clean vocal attack. Some might say that the band’s sound consists of a combination of Djent and Metalcore, which isn’t one of my favourite genre labels to be honest. I’ll call this Technical Metal of which Construct put together extremely well throughout.

“Coalescence” arrives with its memorable rhythmic riffs and differing tempos which lead into “The Molecular Level”, which starts slowly with light guitar-play and exquisite leads before slamming you into the wall with heavy riffs. At this point I begin to dig the vocals as they start to make an impression with their clean melodic and more aggressive approaches. The tempo intensifies as Construct launch into the heavy “Justify The Means” and strong “Devil Inside”, both of which will have you headbanging along to their heavier moments. Following is the excellent “Reflection” which contains some good heavy moments as well as those melodic vocal sections that are predominant throughout the album. The guitar-play/solos are exceptional as the guitars are played with terrific technique, a style that suits the band’s music like a glove.

“Whole Again” comes at you with great chugging riffs before changing direction, taking you by surprise – a trend that will continue throughout the track. Construct plough through the epic “Riding Through” with its guitar solos that you’ll be humming along to in no time, before following it up with the excellent “Opposing Force” with unstoppable power and superb guitar-play. Title track, “The Deity”, is the penultimate number on this album and contains a rhythm that has a habit of remaining lodged in your consciousness long after you’ve finished the listening experience, which ends with album closer “Forgotten”.

With “The Deity”, these five lads have a very strong debut album on their hands. The eleven tracks display the band’s power and energy perfectly throughout an extremely challenging listen, yet a highly rewarding one at that. For some, the album will take a few listens for the music to have an impact, which was the case for me. But, when it does, the listening experience is absolutely delightful, making “The Deity” an essential purchase for any fan of Technical Metal or, dare I say it, Djent/Metalcore. For those who aren’t particularly keen on such styles, I urge you to check Construct out, you won’t be disappointed.


When Conscience Calls
The Molecular Level
Justify The Means
Devil Inside
Whole Again
Riding Through
Opposing Force
The Deity

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