Dawn Of Tyrants Album Review: “Breeding Ruin” EP

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Album Review By Vicky Jackson-Milne


Dawn of Tyrants are a 3 piece, black metal band from Toronto, Canada. That’s about all I can tell you about these musical triplets, as they don’t seem to be very forthcoming with information. Perhaps it’s part of their grand plan to get people more intrigued? I don’t know.

This is definitely an EP that is deeply rooted in the underground black metal scene. It doesn’t have a very strong start unfortunately, opening with ‘Some Above, Most Below’, which, although is super heavy and has probably the most evil vocals on the record, just kind of happens. It didn’t really grab me or encourage me to want to listen to the rest of the EP.

‘What Can Be Broken…Must Be Broken’ does make up for the poor opening through. It actually has a great riff that flows along the whole track. The vocals, still deep and severely throat itchingly raw, don’t overpower the track and the musical back drop gets to shine through much much more. I very much like this track, it’s almost melodic in the way that they’ve set the guitar sound up which gets my head bobbing, just a little.

Moving swiftly on to ‘Breeding Ruin and ‘Fallen Figure of Futility’ these two tracks are similar in the way that again, they just sort of chug along. Unfortunately, yet again, I just found it really easy to ‘zone out’ whilst listening to them. Don’t get me wrong, I imagine to any die hard black metal fan, this would go down a storm, but I’m just not feeling it and can’t get my heart into it like I can with other bands of the same genre.

Rounding off the EP, DOT have made a very well done cover of a classic with their version of ‘Dethroned Emperor’ by Celtic Frost. Considering how old the original is, DOT successfully managed to breathe new life into it.

Overall, this EP was a bit of a disappointment unfortunately. And, I know this is a self released record, but the recording quality isn’t great, which doesn’t help with trying to convey a sound over to a listening audience. However, DOT have great potential and I’m looking forward to future releases for sure

LISTEN FOR: What Can Be Broken…Must Be Broken


Some Above, Most Below
What Can Be Broken…Must Be Broken
Breeding Ruin
Fallen Figure of Futility
Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)



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