Defy The Tide Album Review: “Soteria” EP

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Defy The Tide are a melodic power metal band from the USA formed in 2014, releasing their self titled E.P. the same year. A second E.P. followed in 2016, with 2017 to see the release of the bands third E.P.

The Soteria E.P. was released in April 2017 and opens with the heavy and hard hitting ‘Traced In Flames’. Elements of the US power metal genre are blended with soaring female vocals giving ‘Traced In Flames’ a symphonic feel, not the high pitched opera style squeal normally associated with the symphonic metal genre, just a much more powerful style.

Thundering along at a mid to high tempo pace, ‘Catalyst’ is a furious flurry of chunky riffs and galloping rhythms. Defy The Tide play with an urgency and an intensity that delivers a punchy style of heavy metal. The buzzing style guitar sound of the evolutionary NWOBHM movement makes itself heard as ‘Primrose Path’ strides into sight. Rumbling along with very heavy riffage, ‘Primrose Path’ is ballsy and arrogant as it rocks on by.

With only four songs on offer, this the third E.P. from Defy The Tide, is really only an introduction to the band, and hopefully their next release will be a full length album. But, until then, we are left with the heavy rocking swagger of ‘A Spectre In Silence’. Memorable for all the right reasons, ‘A Spectre In Silence’ is mid tempo, very heavy, full of catchiness and yet another very powerful vocal performance.

Overall, a fine slab of very heavy power metal, with an infectious guitar sound and a very powerful soaring vocal performance.

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Traced In Flames
Primrose Path
A Spectre In Silence

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