Desolate Pathway Single Review: “Into The Realms”

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Desolate Pathway is an epic style Doom Metal band that is the brainchild of former Pagan Altar guitarist Vince Hempstead. The band was born in London on April 25th 2014. With Vince taking up vocal duties as well as lead guitar, he was joined by Paul Corr [Rhythm Guitar], Jamie Butler [Bass], and Mags [Drums]. At the time of writing, it was brought to my attention that bassist, Jamie Butler, has since left the band for reasons unknown to me.

This four-piece was brought together to play Doom Metal which takes classical influences from the likes of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and Sorcerer. Taking elements of fantasy and magic, whilst keeping themselves true to the British tradition of heavy, riff-based Doom, Desolate Pathway released its debut album in 2014.

That rather excellent and contagious album was “Valley Of The King”. With ideas taken from the likes of Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, and Vikings, the album is full of heavy riffs and atmospheric phrases. Telling the tale of Prince Palidor and his army as they fought their way to the Throne Of Lights, it’s the perfect starting point and introduction to this band.

On March 11th 2016, Desolate Pathway released the two-track single, “Into The Realms”, as a follow-up to “Valley Of The King”. With a concept based on Greek Mythology, this single is available on a limited amount of 100 CDs as well as digital formats. Recorded at Sunlight Studios in Kent and produced by Desolate Pathway, “Into The Realms” runs for ten minutes and 34 seconds. It should be noted that Jim Rumsey carried out bass duties during the recording sessions of this single.

The second you press play you’re greeted by the sounds of falling rain as opener “Into The Realms Of Poseidon” begins. Following soon after, comes the beautiful sounds of a piano as its keys are played softly and slowly. After 34 seconds, Jim’s bass enters with his eloquently slow-moving lines as Vince comes in with his unique vocal style. Then Mags and Paul join proceedings with the drums and guitar as some neat guitar-play/solos arrive. This all happens literally right before you reach the minute mark, as this slow-moving number flows through its 5:46 length. The track consists of well-timed changes in tempo throughout, which don’t detract anything from the overall pace. At 3:00 the pace increases a notch as heavy riffs arrive, helping to lift the tempo a little as the rhythm section of Jim and Mags pounds through the track’s length slowly and heavily. The guitar-play from Vince and Paul is excellent and a joy to the ears.  An added bonus is that the two guitar solos during this track were written and played by guest guitarist Kostas Salomides [Sorrows Path].  To be honest, Vince’s vocals take a little getting used to, but do contain good melody and suit the music well.

Tales Of Glaucus”, on the other hand, is completely different from its predecessor. It launches right off the bat at a quicker pace and heavy riffs. Like its previous counterpart, it contains some excellent guitar-play and solos which are aided by that consistent rhythm section of Mags and Paul. Vince’s vocals make an appearance after 1:37, thus signalling a slight change in tempo as the track progresses. His vocals only appear on a couple of occasions throughout this track, as it maintains its predominantly instrumental style. Desolate Pathway maintain a combination of heavy rhythmic riffs and excellent guitar-play throughout this track.

If you haven’t heard debut album “Valley Of The King” and/or have yet to discover Desolate Pathway, then this two-track single is the perfect way to start.

With “Into The Realms”, this quartet have made a strong follow-up to their debut album. This is a single that you should definitely spend 10+ minutes of your precious time to check out.

Into The Realms” is another solid effort from Desolate Pathway. I look forward to hearing the next full-length release from this Epic Doom Metal band.


Into The Realms Of Poseidon
Tales Of Glaucus

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