Dienamic Album Review: “Surfing The Apocalypse”

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Album Review By Chris Palmer


Dienamic is a five-piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed in 2009, the band consists of Gustav H Lindquist [Vocals], Stein-Odin Johannessen [Guitar], Eivind Kjӕr Killie [Guitar], Kujtim Gashi [Drums], and Tobias Oja [Bass].

Sitting in the Arctic Death Thrash Metal genre, this quintet burst on the scene with their debut self-titled EP in 2010. Two years later saw the release of debut full-length album, “Surfing The Apocalypse” to critical acclaim and this was followed up by the excellent “Afterlife” album in 2015, of which I had the pleasure of reviewing for the Metal Discovery website. I have fond memories of reviewing “Afterlife” and rewarding it an impressive 9/10. That album was “… rhythmic and heavy, with brutish melodies and savage metal riffs … with a sound that is skull crushing, yet graceful and fashionable …”

Earlier this year [8th February] saw the re-release of Dienamic’s debut album “Surfing The Apocalypse”. Having finally completing their full lineup, the quintet decided to give this critically acclaimed debut album the remastering and remixing treatment. Containing tracks that take influence from the roots of the band and the band members themselves, this re-released version of “Surfing The Apocalypse” has been given the additional clout needed to help launch these Arctic Death Thrashers to the next level. Each remastered track portrays the struggles, determination, adrenaline, and broken bones which has arisen from years of touring that Dienamic are known to be addicted to.

It can be said that this is one band that certainly knows how to put in the hard efforts in order to reap the rewards … And reap the rewards they should do because “Surfing The Apocalypse” is one hell of a cracking album! It contains nine tracks and runs for a time lasting just 36 and a half minutes. That’s 36 and a half minutes of more skull crushing sounds, with rhythmic and heavy melodies as well as those savage riffs, all of which kicks off with the impressive “Creation Of A Sinking Ship” as Dienamic slam you against the wall with a serving of heavy, chugging riffs, pounding bass lines, and pummelling drums … What a terrific opening to the album … I’m headbanging so hard to the detriment of my already fragile neck! If this intensity continues, I may need to take a trip to my local Urgent Care Centre ….

…. There’s absolutely no respite as the quintet slaughter me with another bout of extremity as “Words You Speak” blasts from the speakers. Those heavy riffs are insane and continue with punishing rhythm as I foot stomp my way round the room to “Betrayed”. The album’s title track, “Surfing The Apocalypse” swiftly follows with more of those excellent heavy, chugging riffs and a vocal attack of sheer aggression from Gustav.

Tobias’ bass opens “Sacrificial Lamb”, before those heavy guitars of Stein-Odin and Eivind hit you like a steam train together with the equally heavy drums of Kujtim. “Trapped In My Head” is the next number to hit you as rolling drums lead you straight into more punishing riffs and pounding bass lines. Honestly, I suffer with Chronic Migraines which I never want trapped in my head, but being a true Metalhead, I have no problem with having the punishment that Dienamic deal out being trapped in my head … This heavy bout of intense musicianship is superb … A feat that continues with the excellent “R.O.P.” and “Under The Knife”, before closing with the excellent “Silence Is Stronger Than Words”, which will have you reaching for the repeat button once it’s finished.

“Surfing The Apocalypse” is an absolutely cracking album. It’s nine tracks offer non-stop bouts of heavy, chugging riffs, a pummelling rhythm section, and aggressive vocals. The musicianship is tight and first class throughout as Dienamic crush your skull time after time, whilst sending you into repeated bouts of headbanging and foot stomping from start to finish.

I urge you to get out there and buy both “Surfing The Apocalypse” and “Afterlife”, you won’t regret it. I simply cannot wait for the next new album from this talented Arctic Death/Thrash Metal Machine!

**At the time of completing this review it was brought to my attention [via the band’s Facebook page] that Dienamic are now looking for a new guitarist. This news saddens me, as I thought the band had finally found a settled line-up. I truly hope that these Swedes find the talent that their music deserves in order to continue their journey.**


Creation Of A Sinking Ship
Words You Speak
Surfing The Apocalypse
Sacrificial Lamb
Trapped In My Head
Under The Knife
Silence Is Stronger Than Words


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