Earthship live review from Norwich 28/4/17

EarthshipThe Big AlabamaClanHedra

@ Epic Studios, Norwich – 28.04.17


Photo Credit: Lee Harper, Go To The Gig

Travelling the UK with their destination of Dessertfest in Camden, Earthship made a stop off to treat us in Norwich to a show.

Sadly, due to availability, I didn’t quite make it down in time to catch Hedra’s set. Which I apologise for. However, speaking with other gig goers I hear they put on a great show.

Clan took to the stage, and brought to the evening their indie type heavy rock, stoner groove sound, i’m not sure if the nerves had taken hold but they stayed a bit glued to the spot when playing. BUT, this didn’t really detract from their performance as Clan’s sound was spot on, we likened them to a mixture of The White Stripes and Wolfmother, but in their own little unique way, they were brilliant. Loud and clear, very tight playing and confident vocals provided by Matt Pearce (vox/guitar), Matt Rabong (Bass) and Ben Giller (drums)

Next up, another local band in the form of The Big Alabama with their big big sound of metal ‘n’ blues. Just a 2 piece, much like The Picturebooks, the two chaps made an immense sound for just guitar and drums. Rammed with bluesy guitar slides, riffs so fuzzy they make your ears buzz and pounding drum beats throughout, this set was a great way to set up for the headliner. The Big Alabama have a full length out called Let The Lightening Slip, which I can highly recommend you grab a copy of immediately.

Now for the finale. Earthship took the stage and immediate blew us away with their epically heavy sludgy stoner rock goodness. Slow and heavy as hell, the lights were low and the tuning was even lower. This three piece from Berlin, certainly broke the typecast, showing that German music wasn’t all regimented beats and well placed guitar riffs, immersing the watchers into the world of stoner metal and covering us all with it’s sludgey goodness. It was a pleasure to have these guys play for us.

An excellent night of music all round at one of the most versatile venues we have in our humble city.

Vicky Jackson-Milne




The Big Alabama


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