FRCTRD just released their debut EP “Fractured” via We Are Triumphant

As latest add up to the We Are Triumphant roster, the deathcore quintet from Paris recently re-released their debut EP “Fractured”, a six-track showcase of their own brand of brutal groovy technical riffs.

The success obtained by the band brought them quickly to get the attention of the fans of the genre and got them to be on the lineup of UK Tech-Fest 2017 and on “New Metal Tracks” Spotify playlist.

1. Act. Zero
2. Negative
3. Crow
4. Fortress
5. Breathless
6. Cloud

For some perspective on how Fractured came to be the EP it is, here’s an exclusive content of what FRCTRD had to say about the inspirations behind it:

Clément (Guitars):
“This first EP is the tip of the iceberg. We’re trying to think outside the box and distance ourselves from the labels, way too often stereotyped in this scene, all while taking pleasure in what we’re doing. All these songs are different from each other, in their shape and in the approach you need to have to listen to them. The real strength of this EP is that it’s a gateway toward something much bigger and accomplished that’s coming next.”

Vincent (Vocals):
“This EP deals with the themes of the state of the world nowadays. You just have to take a look around to feel concerned by it, whether it’s about violence or manipulation. The track “Negative” for instance, is about not wanting to wake up to face a world where they’re trying to make us believe diversity actually exists. As for “Crow”, this song has been written following the terrorist attacks at Bataclan (Paris) in 2015. The message is to encourage to not fear other people and not fear threat.”

You can play “Crow” below:

FRCTRD are:                                                                         
Vincent Hanulak – Vocals
Filip Stanic – Guitar
Clément Barea – Guitar
Maxime Rodrigues – Bass
Manu DLB – Drums




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