Gevaudan Album Review: “Litost” EP

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Album Review By Gavin Brown


Litost, the most recent release from UK doom/stoner troop Gevaudan is an epic and immersive experience where you can’t help but surrender to the bands ways and the best way to listen to it is loud and let the bands inspired brand of doom lunacy take over your head.

The opening track Wastes Eternal sees Gevaudan channelling their inner Sabbath (and their inner Candlemass) for a shimmering, doom laden riff frenzy with some utterly contagious guitar solos, sublime riffage and the bass in particular resounding right through the songs epic duration and it is that epic nature that is a constant throughout with all three songs over nine minutes in length, time that allows you to immerse yourself in the bands music. The following track The Ninth Circle begins with some unhinged spoken word theatrics before the lurching riffs kick in and bring the songs to life and that lurching feel continues and combines with an ice cold, glacial feel as the vocals take centre stage and sound akin to a descent into madness, adding to the theatrical nature of the song.

The band save the best for last with Lord Of Decay, showing that they have riffs for days and that the riffs will crush your head and an utterly sublime and off the wall ending to the song that brings to mind some sort of crazy mix of Hawkind and Bathory and those, along with those deliciously deranged vocal stylings, show the band at their best. Those vocals do take a bit of getting used to mind you, but when you do get those to them (and it took me a few listens to do) the way they maniacally incorporate with the riffs and hard hitting rhythms elevates the bands music and you can’t help but get sucked into the world of Gevaudan.

Litost is a great introduction to the bands music and a full length album from Gevaudan will hopefully arrive soon so we can delve into the lunatic world of their music once again.


Wastes Eternal
The Ninth Circle
Lord Of Decay

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