Goat Funeral Album Review: “Luzifer Spricht”

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Album Review By Custer Elver


I have to admit that I’d never heard about this band before today, and it was so strange to have in my hands a sort of “Best of” coming from an unknown combo that I have no idea how to approach it. Anyway, that was the right situation to study well before writing any crap, and what I found was astonishing. First of all, even if they are not very famous in my homeland, Goat Funeral are full of respect in the German underground metal scene. Second, this is not a “best of” but a re-releasing of their full discography from the early days up until now, including a new song called “Luzifer Spricht”. Last but not least, the German combo embrace the most extreme spirit of the Black Metal scene: desecrating, anti-social, completely unadorned in their obscure propaganda.

“Luzifer Spricht (10 Years In The Name of The Goat)” was released in December 2016 by Massacre Records, and it’s the first time that the full discography of the band (not very prolific indeed!) has been released in vinyl edition. The only full length from the band is “Bastion Lucifer” released in 2009 and, in my personal opinion, contains the best stuff from the German combo.

The sound of the band is so freaking Teutonic in different ways: solemn, imposing and dramatic. Their music is full of emotions, amplified and suffered like an opera played in a decadent theater. Epic and Black Metal are perfectly blended in a solid sound able to create high-intensity ride through tempo changes, atrocious atmosphere and obscure hymns. Goat Funeral draw upon the root of the evil, with no compromise (“No bullshit” they say in their press kit): only Black Metal music, with an old-school approach.

From this point of view, analyzing the band’s approach is very interesting: no live shows, no festivals and no tours. The best way the band can create their own atmosphere, their emotions and their philosophy: acting in live shows would not be the same, because feelings are of prime importance when your music tries to touch the most secluded ropes of the human soul.

The ironic “Why I Hate The Fruit”, the bold “The Church of Genosuicide” or the dramatic “Luzifer Spricht” are the best tracks of this full collection, showing a musical production able to compete with most of the bands coming from the great cold north. All the songs are well played and well arranged: this fits perfectly with the German music scene.

A great release which can be appreciated by all of you guys loving Black Metal old-school or by anybody who can appreciate suffering atmospheres and obscure poetry.


Disc 1:
Bastion Lucifer
Why I Hate The Fruit
Slaves Of The Frostbitten Moon
Continuous Fire
The Song Of The Dying Ones
Church Of Genosuicide
Scars Of A Nation

Disc 2:
Dyp Ned I En Kald Kammer
Inside Corpse Hill
Goatfuneral Says: Fuck You Pleace!
Black Earth
My Woods-Their Graves
Luzifer Spricht

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