Hedra Album Review: “Mind Dimension” EP

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Album Review By Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King


Hedra are a five piece band originating from Norwich in Norfolk, England and Mind Dimension is their debut EP. They are a live orientated metal band formed in April 2014 by Kamil Korsak who decided to seek out musicians of a “polyrhythmic & harmonic style” after he came to the UK leaving his family and friends behind. He finally found the right people in Jim Brett Marten of Ex Subvert, Pure Negative on the vocals, Tomas Mrazek on the drums, Chris Gedge of ex Astral Void as a lead guitarist and Scott Milburn on the bass.

The band have over 20 years of experience with members supporting the likes of Strapping Young Lad, Skindred, Raging Speedhorn and Sikth to name but a few and with their crushing 7-string guitar riffs, 5-string powerful bass, an outstanding style of vocals and unique electrokit drumming, they have created a sound almost exclusive to themselves.

Describing themselves as “hardcore metal/tech metal/scrawcore/djent” there are also elements of progressive metal, with high energy riffs, great drumming and a groovy mix of clean and screaming vocals. Not being a fan of screaming vocals really I prefer the clean tracks but I’m sure those who do like the style of singing will love this EP.

With the recording of this EP, the band wanted to capture the atmosphere and importance of sounding as live as they could and I think they succeeded with this. The EP is raw and energetic, brutal yet melodic. This is a band I would love to see perform. Their enthusiasm and passion would really get the crowd going and I’m sure the moshpit would be a totally crazy place to be.

This is a great debut EP that should appeal to a wide range of listeners.

But don’t take my word for it, go and grab yourself a copy and let’s get moshing!!


Mind Dimension
War Child
The System
Lost I Am Hate

Hedra are:
Chris Gedge – Lead Guitar
Kamil Korsak – Guitar
Jim Morten – Vocals
Scott Milburn – Bass
Tomas Mrazek – Drums


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