Impavidus Album Review: “Eradication Of Mankind” EP

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Album Review By Chris Palmer


Impavidus is a four-piece band from Manchester, UK. Formed in 2015, the band consists of Michelle Adamson [Vocals], Patrick McBride [Bass/Vocals], Gav Smith [Guitar/Backing Vocals], and Chris O’Rourke [Drums].

The band’s self-titled debut EP was released in May last year. I had the honour of reviewing that debut and can honestly say that I enjoyed what I heard and awarded it a thoroughly deserved 8/10 [].

It should be pretty obvious by reading that review that I’m now a big fan of Impavidus and the music they create. Therefore, when I heard that a second release was on its way, I couldn’t wait to give it a listen and see if the band had managed to move up the ladder as well as maintain their signature sound.

I’m delighted to say that both statements are correct and that my patience has been rewarded. Quite frankly, the excellently titled “Eradication Of Mankind” EP is a cracking listen and a step up from its predecessor.

Lasting for 11 seconds shy of 20 minutes, “Eradication Of Mankind” contains four excellent slabs of Heavy Groove/Death Metal. Opening number, “Reprisal”, grabs your attention immediately with terrific heavy grooves and pummelling drums. You’ll be stomping around the room and banging your head as this track blasts forth from the speakers at an uncompromising volume, whilst Impavidus slam into you with an onslaught of heavy rhythmic riffs, insanely punishing rhythm section, and harsh vocals. What a storming opening to the EP.

The tempo increases as “Lies” hits you like an avalanche. With punishing riffs and an excellent vocal display of both aggression and beauty, this number storms by in what feels like only a matter of seconds before sending you headfirst into the equally impressive “Void”. Like the previous number, “Void” contains moments of excellent melody in the vocals as well as that punishingly heavy signature sound of the band, which threatens those neck muscles constantly.

The level of excellence increases another notch with final number “XII”. The rhythm literally rumbles along like a thunderstorm and the heavier moments literally threaten to snap your neck clean off! The rhythm of bass and drums is relentless, the guitar-play exquisite, and the vocals have that element of beauty about them in places, whilst in others, the venom is spat forth from deep within in outstanding bouts of extreme aggression.

Before you realise it, almost twenty minutes have flown by. You’ve blasted through four impressively heavy slabs of Heavy Groove/Death Metal which have left you battered, bruised, breathless, and sweating. Yet the adrenaline rush hasn’t subsided, so you’ll want/need to hit repeat several more times. Such is the effect that Impavidus have on you.

With “Eradication Of Mankind” this delightful quartet have made an exceptional piece of art that gets better with each and every listen. The EP shows a band growing and improving with each passing month, as they continue to learn and gain invaluable experience together. This new release also shows that the Impavidus heard on the debut EP was no one-off as those excellent signature sounds remain to great effect.

Impavidus deserve your full attention. They are one of the shining lights from within the thriving UK Heavy Metal Underground scene. I urge you to check them out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

As for me, I’m truly honoured to be asked to review Impavidus’ music again and I can’t wait for the next release!



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