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Dan Finch

Questions asked by Mick ‘The Beard’ Staley

Hi I am pleased to have had the chance to talk with Danny Finch former founder of Devilment, about his new project, The Devils Music

Danny good to talk with you

MG  I see you are using different vocalists on all tracks and still have a few to finalise, if you have space i would love to be a singer in a metal band for a day, but I may sound like a frog farting in the fog!

Danny : ha ha I sound like that most days. I smoke way too much. I tried to be a vocalist but I only have like one key I can sing in. Plus my melody and lyrics writing is pretty shit hah

MG Seriously now have you any plans to tour this project and if so how would the vocal side of that pan out?

Danny : I would like to do it, but because we have like ten vocalist, and they live like all across the uk plus in Germany , Canada and Russia . It would be so expensive to do.

MG You are already signed to coffee jingle records which is really positive for a new band what was it that ‘sold, them to you?

Danny : I really like Martin and he’s drive. The devilment came out through nuclear blast and I had very little to do with them. They weren’t interested in what I wanted to do with devilment. Or how I thought things should be. But being on a smaller label just works better for me. I can call Martin up and the guys at coffe jingle and we can take care of business right there. The support has been amazing and I know they are working hard for this to work. So I’m a happy camper right now.

MG With these song originally written for Devilment have you tried to alter the sound or the way its produced as to not be seen as a second Devilment or do you think the music stands alone anyway?

Danny : not really the riffs are pretty much they way I wrote them, maybe for a drum or keyboard part they are different. And of course from a vocal point of view. None of these guys tried to sound like Dani Filth , and I didn’t want that either. I think as well I worked with Jordan at Scorpio studios and he got the production I wanted. To me this is how I wanted devilment to sound. I was never that happy with the production we got on the Devilment record. Guitar tone sucked and vocals were too loud in the mix .
I think you could call this the second devilment record and its how I saw it going, I do know whatever devilment do next won’t sound anything like this or the first devilment, be that a good or bad thing.

MG From the the stills we have received from the album art its pretty top notch and striking images, did you come up with the concept personally or do you have a goto designer?

Danny : yeah I wanted something simple and too the put, the Devilment are work was so mixed and compilcated

MG From what I see you seem to be a busy man with other projects on the go such as, The Bloodshake chorus will this continue as well as, The Devils Music? Maybe you could do a double header tour with both bands?

Danny : I got like 18 shows so far booked with the bloodshake chorus . It’s good to be doing that. But no there won’t be any Devils music show

MG Do you still work with any of The Devilment guys or has that ship well and truly sailed?

Danny : no that ship sailed and sank ha ha

MG Now a bit about you. When not doing the Metal thing what do you do in life, Jobs, relaxation etc?

Danny : I spend a lot of time with my daughter, I tried to meet up with friends as much as I can. I also like walking . Give me somewhere like Dartmoor . No phone signal and I’m a happy man.

MG And finally what can we expect from you in the future, is The devils music going to be be all consuming and have you had any interesting offers?

Danny : I want to do a 2nd Devils music album . But that will be in 2017. I’m working on recording a Bloodshake Chorus mini album. I want to finish off the dead soul communion album to which features Simon Dawson from Steve Harris British lion band. But right now I’m working on recording these songs for this band called storm child. Those songs were written back in 1986 and the vocalist passed away last year , and it felt right as a tribute to him to record these songs and I’m honoured to be part of it.

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