Iron Hunter Album Review: “Killing Machine” EP

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Iron Hunter are a heavy/power metal band from Spain formed in 2015 by Emi Ramirez (Witchfyre, Midnight Rites, formerly Atriedes) and Alex Sixstrings (ex Mileth)…their vision to create a classic metal studio project with influences ranging from Running Wild, Heaven’s Gate, Helloween, Riot, Enforcer and Skull Fist. With a couple of line up changes on the way, the band now have a stable line up and are recording their debut album.

The first release from the band though, is the two song E.P. ‘Killing Machine’, featuring a twin guitar attack and a galloping rhythm, the E.P. delivers everything that has made the European style of power metal such a worldwide force.

The first song is the title song ‘Killing Machine’, opening with the buzzing guitar sound so synonymous with both the power metal and NWOBHM genres. Fast paced and addictive, ‘Killing Machine’ features a superb guitar solo, clean and clear vocals and an infectious nature that will have fans frothing at the mouth and panting with excitement for the forthcoming album.

The second song, ‘From The Ashes’, picks up the pace and is a blistering rocket fuelled blast of speed metal. The pace is breath taking, the guitars sizzle, the rhythm gallops fast and the clean and clear vocal delivery make for an easy listen and sing a long.

Overall, a mouth watering appetiser for the bands debut album, this E.P. is a thriller and I for one cannot wait…

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Killing Machine
From The Ashes

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