Mike Tramp Album Review: “Maybe Tomorrow”

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Mike Tramp is a rock ‘n’ roll artist from Denmark, best known for fronting the hard rock bands White Lion and Freak Of Nature during the eighties and nineties. Mike has also had a successful solo career over the last twenty years, and has just released his tenth solo effort, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’.

The new album has Mike taking a melodic AOR path, a far cry from when I first heard him sing back in the eighties fronting White Lion. Thirty years have passed, we have all grown and matured and ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is a cracking, soft rocking and occasionally mellow album that is very catchy and will have you foot tapping and smiling from start to finish. Guitar driven AOR opens the album in the shape of ‘Coming Home’, a fresh, bright and up tempo soft rock foot tapper. Mike is singing exceptionally well and his voice has adapted easily to this style of music. Catchy and sing a long, ‘It’s Not How We Do It’ rocks gently with a heavier guitar sound than the opening song. Even just after two songs this is becoming one of the best AOR/soft rock albums I’ve heard in some time. Light and airy ‘Spring’ is another guitar driven mid tempo and up beat song that will evoke a huge smile on the faces of fans of this genre the world over. From my heart I am a lover of heavy, thrash and power metal but also love the lighter, happier and good mood inducing AOR style…and Mike is delivering this in abundance.

Hitting the ballad style, ‘Would I Lie To You’ is superb. The mood, the rhythm, the tone…everything about ‘Would I Lie To You’ is perfect and also the sing a long ability the song has is first class. Get your lighters out and hold them high. Picking up the intensity and energy levels ‘Rust And Dust’ is a swashbuckling soft rock romp. ‘Rust And Dust’ is a happy song, a song that will create a smile a mile wide across your face and nod your head in appreciation of a great song. At a slower pace and a much heavier vibe ‘Leaving One Day’ rumbles along with a slight hint at grunge, err did I just say grunge? Yup, but only a slight hint, hardly noticeable… ‘Leaving One Day’ is a swaggering epic that deserves recognition as a great song. Keyboard led ‘Time And Place’ has one of the best vocal performances on the album, sensationally superb, full of mood and emotion. Tissues at the ready just in case you shed a tear or two at how soulful and heart hitting the vocals are.

‘What More Can I Say’ is a rumbling, big banging, hard hitting slab of soft rock that will involuntarily get your feet tapping and head nodding. Up beat and catchy, ‘What More Can I Say’ has the best sing a long style chorus on the album. Picking up the pace and rocking hard, ‘Why Even Worry At All’ is punchy and will please all the fans that remember the old days of White Lion. ‘Why Even Worry At All’ is the only song off the album that is comparable to the bands of the eighties and nineties that Mike fronted. This proves just how much Mike has moved on with his solo career and not relying on past glories. The album ends with the title song ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, a six minute plus epic of majestic keyboards, soulful vocals and plenty of opportunity to hold your lighters high and sway from side to side. Mike has delivered a great album of AOR, proving he is still a force in the music industry.

Overall, a superb swaggering and happy mood inducing album packed with cracking AOR and soft rock from a veteran of the hard rock genre.


Coming Home
It’s Not How We Do It
Would I Lie To You
Rust And Dust
Leaving One Day
Time And Place
What More Can I Say
Why Even Worry At All
Maybe Tomorrow


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