Morta Skuld Album Review: “Wounds Deeper Than Time”

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Album Review By Gavin Brown


When you mention American death metal to fans of the genre, the usual legendary names will pop up straight away. Cannibal Corpse, Death, Deicide, Obituary, Morbid Angel. All those bands are rightfully revered as pivotal figures when it comes to death metal. There are a number of other bands who have had just as revered careers and released albums as brutal and influential as those bands, but have not received the same attention. I’m thinking of bands like Incantation, Broken Hope and of course Milwaukee’s Morta Skuld, who release their new album Wounds Deeper Than Time, their first full length album for twenty years, to an audience of death metallers who have been eagerly waiting the new material from the band since their last album Surface, as well as a newer generation of death metal fans who will be curious to see what the bands focussed death metal assault sounds like in 2017. The answer is that it sounds as good as it did in the bands heyday, and the band show that the passing years have not dulled their ferocity. From the pummelling groove of Wounds Deeper Than Time’s opening track Breathe In The Black to the triumphant closing crunch of Becoming One Flesh, Morta Skuld unleash a punishing array of death metal magic that will delight both those longtime followers and those who are new to the band with this determined and barbaric opus.

The album starts and then retains an unrelenting nature with that unmistakable death sound that the band emit and songs like Hating Life and Scars Within undoubtedly tip a hat to the bands past most notably. But this is no bad thing, and adds to the bands expertise in creating power and familiarity with their music and even though those little hints are there, this is definitely not some sort throwback project with all of the songs sounding fresh and Morta Skuld’s dynamic approach to crafting their songs coming to the fore here, most notably on the simmering fury of Against The Origin, the mogadon paced death metal groove of My Weakness and the albums punishing title track.

With Wounds Deeper Than Time showing that the band have both the experience and the forward the king nature to expand their brand of pure death metal.

It might have been a while since we last heard from Morta Skuld but on the basis of this album, let’s hope that isn’t as long next time again and they follow up Wounds Deeper Than Time with another set of death metal goodness.


Breathe In The Black
Hating Life
My Weakness
Against The Origin
In Judgment
Wounds Deeper Than Time
Scars Within
Devour The Chaos
Becoming One Flesh

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