My Darkest Hate Album Review: “Anger Temple”

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Album Review By Custer Elver


Ten years have passed away since MDH’s last release entitled “Combat Area” (2006), a timeframe enough to embrace a lot of changes in your life. Just close your eyes and think about yourselves ten years ago…done? Well staying in a limbo of silence for 10 years is not easy and it could get your project completely estranged in the scene. These German guys have just released “Anger Temple” and I can assure you that the review of their latest work is anything but easy.

“Anger Temple”, released under Massacre’s flag, is a Death Metal anthem in the classic style of the German band, made of 9 chapters perfectly played and arranged. A sulphuric groove rides all over the performance of the band, accurate like clockwork. Guitar riffing is sharpening and perfectly played, rhythm section leads the dance with rage while the vocals growling cough up blood. In a nutshell, almost all the ingredients to have a Death Metal masterpiece are present. Almost, anyway. Yes because, if I have to find something wrong with this work, it’s the attitude. At times, I have the feeling of an academic approach, which leads to a perfect performance from a technical point of view and nothing else. What is missing in the whole work is the real feeling of the music, which is something different from the inspiration…it’s something which gives your music a soul.

Don’t get me wrong, “Anger Temple” is a good album with some good heights, such as “You Shall Know Them” or “Division Zero”, but after several listens my mind was not able to retain anything. In the rare occasions, they forget to show what perfect musicians they are, letting the music flow away, unable to catch completely my heart, as it happens in the reframing of “Our Sign is Victory”.

Death Metal is a genre of music in continuous evolution, prone to mixtures with several elements coming from so different musical sub-categories that a full encyclopedia should not be enough to describe it. That’s the reason why I feel something missing in this work, it seems a 10-years’ void is strangling the work. No atmosphere change and a missing thread joining the tracks to each other are the direct effects of this aspect.

Anyway, at the same time, if you are looking for an uncompromising collection of soundtracks for your headbanging against the wall, few bands out there can compete with this German combo.
Their flawless performance contributes to get to their song structure granitic. I am quite sure that their live performances will literally hit the nail on the head.

A good come back for the band, I hope to watch them live as soon as possible.


You Shall Know Them
My Inner Demons
Division Zero
Rise And Rise Again
Me, The Cure
Our Sign Is Victory
Awaken From Slumber
Master Of Lies
My Anger, My Temple

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