Mystic Prophecy Album Review: “Vengeance” [Re-Release]

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Album Review By Custer Elver


A very nice present from Massacre Records, releasing a new edition of Mystic Prophecy’s debut album “Vengeance”, after 16 years from when the German band broke the scenes.

Mystic Prophecy had been considered one of the greatest prospects of Power Metal, made of shredding, melodies and fast rides through heavy-epic fields.

The band was led by the great vocalist Dimitris Liapakis, with his warm and technical approach, supported by a rising Greek star on the guitar, called Gus G, who some years after this release will replace Zakk Wylde in Ozzy’s support band.

Mystic Prophecy never hit the nail on the head and their career has flown away collecting much less than they deserved, but with the wisdom of hindsight we can appreciate more and more their debut album mixing Teutonic metal with US power, able to give their music a high level of aggressiveness. “Sky’s Burning”, “Damnation and Darkness” and “River Of Hate” are power metal anthems, full of rage and murderous riffs which hit the listener with a punch in the stomach. “Dark side of the moon”, one the best tracks of the full work, offers the unique moment where the atmosphere of the album changes. Yes, because this aspect leads us to the greatest limit of the German combo: dullness.

Sometimes you have the feeling to listen to one single song which lasts all album long. Was this a limit to their career? I have to say, yes, with no doubt.

It’s easy to say Vengeance is a solid work, characterized by mature songwriting due to the high technical level of each musician of the band, and which can be considered, in my personal opinion, the best album worked out by the band, able to thrill and engage the listener at the same time. Gus G was already a great musician, a guitar player able to take the German combo by hand and lead through fields made not only of fast pickings, tapping and sweeps but also of emotions, and this is something that often lacks in the shredder approach.

If you are a supporter of this band, you need to absolutely get a copy, but if you are a metal music listener and never heard about “Vengeance”, you have to absolutely stop the “shame on you” and get a copy. In a nutshell one of the best albums of the early-2000 releases.


1454 – The Beginning
Sky’s Burning
Damnation And Darkness
Welcome (In The Damned Circle)
Dark Side Of The Moon
River Of Hate
In The Mirror
In The Distance
When Shadows Fall
Fallen Angel
Live Empires (Live 2007) (Bonus Track)
Masters Of Sin (Live 2007) (Bonus Track)

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