Myth Of A Life Album Review: “She Who Invites”

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Album Review By Vicky Jackson-Milne


A band centred around Sheffield, self described Melodic Death Metal, four chaps making lots of noise. These particular chaps have managed to make very good noise. Even though there has been a bit of a revolving door of band members, Myth Of A Life have produced a brilliant full length death metal album with lots of thrashy undertones.

Kicking off the record with ‘Codex of Betrayal’ which lulls you into a false sense of security. It’s calming guitar strumming and synthy background soon loses it’s temper and kicks you in the bollocks when it transforms in to ‘Scourged and Crucified’. Super fast constant drums and guitar riffage. I very much like the transitioning vocals between deep and throaty to the higher pitched screaming.

The same very much goes for ‘Lobotomized’. To me, this is where the thrashy side starts to show on the album, though it still remains very much in the death metal region. Again the duel sound on vocals adds extra depth to the track. ‘Erinyes’ is a much tougher, harder, chuggier track which has a bit of a slower pace. Not by a lot, but slightly. It’s definitely got a heavier feel than songs previous.

That slower pace gets shoved out the way when the next track kicks in. ‘Taking Back What Is Mine’ gets straight back into it, though with a bit of a deeper tone, but still punishingly brutal as is ‘Pull The Trigger’ which is pretty intense and relentless. It’s like a terrier, it grabs hold of you, gives you a bit of a shake and doesn’t let go.

‘Broken’ is a bit of a mood lightener, I don’t know why, but when the riff kicked in at the start, all I could think about was skater punk, but that more than likely wasn’t the intentional sound, however, when the verse began, it went back to it’s intended destination. Definitely a toe tapper though this one. I’m thinking ‘Through The River’ was put on there to give listeners a bit of a breather? Much more of a slower pace, it just plods along, but only for 1 minute and 41 seconds, then you’re straight back to it with the title track ‘She Who Invites’. Not as fast as previous tracks, but fast enough. Featuring breakdownesque sections which I very much like as I think it takes the track to a heavier platform.

‘Waiting To Die’ and ‘Murder’ continue towards the end of this thrill ride, the former being of a slightly slower pace, the latter having ear pumelling drums and dirty heavy riffing throughout they both travel at full pelt towards the end of the album into ‘Burning Vision’. It comes to a bit of an abrupt stop, with this one starting with a little instrumentaly type deal. The track soon descends into a full on guitar laiden, the throatiest vocal ridden world of pure death metal. A great way to round off this brilliantly fast and technical but not overbearing album

Thanks for this one, I’m going for lay down.

LISTEN FOR: Erinyes, Pull The Trigger, She Who Invites


Codex of Betrayal
Scourged and Crucified
Taking Back What Is Mine
Pull The Trigger
Through The River
She Who Invites
Waiting To Die
Burning Vision



Vocals: Phil ‘Core’ Dellas
Guitar: William Price
Bass: Liam Banks
Drums: Tom ‘Box Head’ Warner

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