No Gods No Masters Album Review: “Fear In A Handful Of Dust”

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Album Review By Caner Can


Formed in 2013, No Gods No Masters, Dutch hardcore influenced stoner/sludge band released their debut album in 2016, ‘Fear in a Handful of Dust’.

As the band name indicates, their music is punk influenced and politically charged. Opening song for the album ‘Drinking with Judas’ is so heavy that it gives directly the atmosphere that the band intended to make, with growling vocals and dirty riffs. With microphone feedbacks, screams, the second title comes ‘Pain is Useless’, which is a great mix of death metal screams and stoner riffs.

’Ni Dieu ni Maître’ is the title of a song of Léo Ferré, and the band gives the exact soul in a sludgy and hardcore way. With ‘Calling My Name’, the tempo goes up to a more hardcore punk tune. But then ‘First You Laugh’ makes a sudden change to a slow doom tempo. Constant changes and mixing many elements, No Gods No Masters have made a great album.

The title of the song ‘Feed ‘em to the Pigs’ is more like a black metal song, but with the solos and harsh vocals and slow tempo it’s a perfect hardcore stoner song. The album continues with ‘A New Body’ with sudden tempo changes from punk to doom. Like the whole album, in the song ‘Kill the Culture Voyeurs’ you can feel the influence of Eyehategod and Electric Wizard. The album’s closing song is ‘Lost for Words’, really heavy and always surprising with sudden changes of rhythm and tempo.

Influenced by Eyehategod, Electric Wizard, Crowbar, Iron Monkey and combining politically charged hardcore punk tones, No Gods No Masters’ first full length album is really compromising.


Drinking With Judas
Pain Is Useless
Ni Dieu
Calling My Name
First You Laugh
Feed ‘Em To The Pigs
A New Body
Kill The Culture Of Voyeurs
Lost For Words

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