Nycosia Album Review: “Pariah” EP

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Album Review By Caner Can


First EP from Nycosia, ‘Pariah’, with its djent and death metal sounds, was released in 2016.

The EP opens with the song ‘Desert Winds’, a short introduction to the album, with striking drums, and it continues with ‘Blind Sight’ with clean but sharp guitar tones. Mixing brutal and screaming vocals, and with time signature changes, the song evolves unexpectedly.

‘Mind of a Hermit’ is such a song that it makes you dance to its djent style with a hopping rhythm. But then it changes to a death metal sound; sudden changes are prominent throughout the EP. Some clean guitars, some heavy djent riffs with some progressive elements, and even mixing every element in the whole EP, ‘Miscommunication’ is a colourful song in a metal way.

The last song of the EP, ‘Asylum Song’, with scream and clean vocals, closes the EP as it is started, with clean guitar arpeggios.

The whole EP has a characteristic sound and deserves your full attention. If you like death metal or metalcore and djent with some progressive elements, this EP, and the band, is just what you need! It’s pretty clear that they will come into prominence in a short time.


Desert Winds
Blind Sight
Mind Of A Hermit
Asylum Song

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