Perzonal War Album Review: “Inside The New Time Chaoz”

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Album Review By Chris Palmer


Perzonal War is a four-piece band from Germany which plays a combination of Power/Thrash Metal. Originally formed as Personal War in 1996, the band had to change their name to Perzonal War in early 2002 due to legal reasons. Since formation the quartet has released eight full-length albums, two demos, and a split release with Annihilator and Jorn.

The band, consisting of Matthias Zimmer [Vocals], Andreas Ballnus [Guitar], Björn Kluth [Bass], and Martin Buchwalter [Drums], released ninth album “Inside The New Time Chaoz” via Metalville in October last year to mark the band’s 20th anniversary.

The album itself consists of eleven tracks which have been re-recorded by the current line-up together with former members Frank Buchwalter [Bass from 1996 – 2002], Sascha Kerschgens [Guitar from 1996 – 2007], and Sven Krautkrämer [Bass from 2003 – 2006]. These eleven tracks are from the band’s early period: Five from 1998’s “The Inside” and six from 2000’s “New Time Chaos”, both of which have sold out and are unavailable outside of the band’s home country. Each track has been re-recorded with the same vibe as the originals, yet with a fresh energy and new arrangements.

“Inside The New Time Chaoz” is not only a celebration, but also an introduction to the fresher sound of Perzonal War in 2016. The album’s eleven tracks complete a total running time of 51 minutes, 39 seconds and kicks off with the storming “The Inside”. This opening number really gets the adrenaline pumping with impressive guitar-play, stomping rhythm, and a vocal attack that instantly reminds you of James Hetfield. In fact, the entire sound blasting through my headphones screams Metallica copyists! I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but only time will tell.

What hits you next is the utterly superb opening sequences to “D.O.P.”. I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to spoil it for you, dear reader …you’ll have to buy the album and find out! What I will say is that the opening section leads you straight into an impressive and heavy rhythm that’ll get you banging your head in no time. That aforementioned Metallica sound is present again, so the band’s main influence is all too clear, but this is proving to be a killer of an album, so far …

I’m not disappointed as “God And Evil” pounds its way through my skull with riffs to die for and an excellent rhythm with varying speeds. “Hornet” will hit you with powerful drumming and bass lines, which rumble along together with the impressive guitars. The pace is slower and will have you swaying from side to side at times, before you let rip on that air-guitar during the screaming guitar solo! Jackhammer riffs hit you as the mighty “Putrefaction Of Mind” pounds through your eardrums during its heavier sections. However, it also contains some slower moments with terrific guitar-play and excellent melodies.

“New Time Bitch” continues the trend of familiarity with some first-class [Metallica-like] Thrash Metal. The pace is relentless and the shredding guitar solos are a joy to the ears, as this brilliant number leads you towards “Nothing Remains At All”, which seems to fly by in a blur of tapping feet and headbanging before ending rather abruptly. There’s no respite though because heavy riffs launch you straight into the 5-minute monster that is “Area Black”. Two more bouts of heavy awesomeness hit you next with “Voices” and “Mother Darkness”, before “Dying Times” brings this fine album to a close.

Whilst nothing new is being done by Perzonal War, “Inside The New Time Chaoz” is a cracking collection of excellent Power/Thrash Metal that begs you to hit the repeat button constantly. The music contained within its eleven tracks is powerful and full of Thrashability (is that even a word!?) that’ll have you headbanging from beginning to end.

For those who are aware of these Germans, “Inside The New Time Chaoz” is a nostalgia trip and a celebration of the band’s earlier years performed with a more fresh, cutting edge. For those new to the band, this album is the perfect introduction to Perzonal War. Either way, “Inside The New Time Chaoz” is essential listening material that won’t disappoint. I can’t wait for the next release from these guys.


The Inside
God And Evil
Putrefaction Of Mind
New Time Bitch
Nothing Remains At All
Area Black
Mother Darkness
Dying Times

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