Psychostick Pre UK Tour Interview

MG Hi Guys, I’m Mick from Metal Gods TV I’d just like to ask you a few pre tour questions
P Hey Mick! This is Matty J the bass moose guy! Lets fire it up!
MG It’s great to hear you will be in the UK in September, what’s in store for us and are you surprised that ‘The Word’ of your prowess has crossed the pond?
We’re coming to the UK with fat American metal and funny hats! Upon our arrival last year (our first visit to the UK), we were happily STUNNED by how many fans we have in Europe as a whole, not just the UK. We met people at our shows from so many countries I lost count! I’m REALLY glad the internet works over there!
MG You guys have unique take on metal/rock music, did you start out this way, or did you start out as a conventional metal band which evolved into what we have now?
In the earliest day of this band there were just as many “serious” songs as there were funny ones. Once it became painfully obvious that the serious stuff left something to be desired while the humorous material got more of a response, the band changed its direction and focused on the funny-metal. I’m pretty excited about that because I’d much rather play songs about boobs and beer than my feelings and love! Eughhh, gross.
MG Have you heard of any of the places you will play in UK, and where are you looking forward to see?
Yes last September we actually played 9 cities with Dog Fashion Disco that we will be re-visiting this year so the 2016 tour will be only half new for us. I’m looking forward to REAL Guinness, Newky-Browns (spelling?), Jura, TOASTIESSSSSS!!!, the frequent public use of the word “cunt”, and singing with crowds of strangers at pubs (something Americans sadly don’t do nearly enough of). …and I’m not leaving until I see a fucking castle this time!
On the previous tour several cities/shows stood out. Manchester, pronounced Man-Chest-Hair, was amazing and reminded me of my hometown of New York City. I’m definitely looking forward to hitting up Satan’s Hollow (Stan’s Hollow) after the show again. AFTERPARTY! London was a blast but we didn’t “tourist” at all so I’d like to see some sights when we return. The fancy clock can wait while I visit the Tower! Glasgow stole the show though. For some reason I felt right at home in Scotland although I don’t have a drop of Scottish blood in me (just the scotch). Shout-out to our buddies… er- um- “mates” in FUCK YEAH! MOLECULES and FOOTPRINTS IN THE CUSTARD, two fantastic UK bands that I really hope we get to share stages with again. Look em up!
MG What will you miss most from the U.S. whilst touring?
Besides the usual tour answers (my bed, toilet, shower, family, etc…), the thing I miss most about the US is the cell/internet service. *NERD!* It is SO much faster and reliable in the States. I’m surprised American babies aren’t born with built in WIFI yet. I WAS going to say “driving on the right side of the road” but after being horrified enough times sitting with the bus driver, just sitting up front looking out the windshield of the bus is like a fun carnival ride to me now! Its a real mindf*ck!
MG Have you any pre show rituals?
Selling lots and lots of merchandise! (hint hint wink wink) Ha! …No, we don’t really have any “rituals” per-se. We try to stretch our muscles, tune our guitars, maybe order a whiskey to help get the blood flowing but nothing of note, really. Sometimes I’ll ask the boys if they want to say a prayer first to which we always reply “….Nah” then start the show.
After the show is the funner part. (Yeah “funner” is a word, look it up.) We always try to wrap our shit up on stage quickly so we can hang out with the fans. We try to end up at the merch booth or the bar afterward to take pictures, sign stuff, and drink with the people who support us. Without them, we’re just a bunch of sweaty American tourists practicing really loud everyday. THE FANS make the shows. Period.
MG You have some great imagery and merch, do you guys design this yourselves or is there a minion in the background?
Thank you! We all come up with silly ideas (sometimes even while writing songs) then filter those ideas through a team of talented artists that we work with. Working with the same artist over and over can get repetitive so we employ several with different styles for different feels. I can’t wait to open our new UK Webstore! (coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!)
MG You have a great catalogue of videos, have you got a favourite?
Many of the songs and videos have sentimental value because of the times or mental places and company in which they were created. That being said, “Because Boobs” has a special place in my heart, personally. Never in my life did I think that a band I was in would have a dozen beautiful women dancing around us in a pool for a video. …we still never payed those girls haha! (spoiler: they volunteered!) It rained almost all day so its pretty amazing our video-guru and instrument-less 5th member Murph got all those great shots and made it work! …also I got to eat tacos in a strip club. THAT was a first and probably an only.
MG Is there anything the UK audiences will see that will not be performed elsewhere?
I cannot truly say just yet. We have been fielding several ideas but even if we did, I’d like it to be a surprise! 😉
MG Finally guys is there a pre tour message for your UK public?
P GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Several shows sold out last year so make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time. It helps with promo and travel expenses as well to make the shows bigger and better for everyone.
If you come out to the shows, make sure you come early to check out the “punk rock puppet show” that is GREEN JELLY. This guy (Bill Manspeaker) has been doing it for years and is kicking more ass than ever before. He’s a friend and a hell of a performer. Enjoy!
Now bring me some weed and a kebab, please! (Fish and chips on Fridays)
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