Rick Parfitt Tribute

Its been a week since we got the sad news that yet another one of our heroes had died and the latest being the aforementioned, Rick.

For myself and people of my generation the 45+ brigade! Quo were the band that introduced us to the harder side of rock as pre runners to Sabbath, priest and the like, because there was a time before Metal!! (shudders)

I was weaned on T Rex, Slade, Wizard ans Sweet then the Quo pushed the riffs heavier faster and catchier, Francis and Rick’s influence in our genre has always been under estimated in my opinion.

They have influenced a host of bands and guitarists and are far from 3 chord ponies, they hit on a feel good hard rocking formula that made them stand out from the rest and like other bands sounds have rarely been replicated.


My first memory of Quo concert was 1984 at Milton Keynes Bowl, the supposed ‘End Of The Road’ tour. Id saved for ages for it as at the time The Quo were one of my favourite bands and although the gig was a strange mix it was a great gig and Quo were on top form and I have seen them a few times over the years and they have always been faultless and I defy anyone to come away from one of their concerts without feeling good.

We are asking you guys to leave your memories below in the comments and see what vibe we get from you all as we thought this would be a better tribute than lots of PR waffle.




Heartfelt feedback from fans is a far better way to remember our greats, love them or hate them Quo were a massive influence and, Rick lived the ‘Rock and Roll’ lifestyle till the end which ultimately lead to his death but hey live hard die young I suppose, R.I.P, Rick forever in denim \m/