Speedrush Album Review: “Endless War”

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Speedrush are a speed/thrash metal band from Greece formed in 2005 who released their debut single in 2008 and their debut album in 2016.

Speedrush may be a European band, but their brand of thrash is definitely influenced by the American thrash metal scene. Their debut album opens in blistering style with the thundering instrumental ‘Endless War’, leading straight into the electrifying pace of ‘Speedrush’. Screaming guitars, rampant rhythms and an aggressive vocal style are all part of the Speedrush signature sound. Heads will be banging furiously to this one. Pace does not let up one bit as ‘Malevolent Torture’ lets rip with a savage barrage of brutal riffing. Just two songs in and the similarities in style with eighties Exodus are fully apparent. The twin guitar attack is relentless, the drumming is thunderous and Speedrush are delivering an awesome display of speed/thrash metal.

The frenetic pace of ‘Into The Abyss’ is breath taking and the mosh pit in a live arena is just gonna be a blur of head banging thrashers. Fists will be violently punching the air as Speedrush kind of live up to their name…a rush of speed! Brutality has found a new level as Speedrush continue their merciless aural assault of thrash. ‘Freaks Of Nature’ blazes a trail of devastation as it hurtles by at top speed, leaving only desolation in its wake. ‘The Truth’ is a two minute effects laden, spoken word passage that builds into a crescendo, setting up an atmospheric vibe for what is to follow…

…and what follows is a rampant rage of thrash. ‘Passive Aggression’ is an aggressive and quick paced song that races on at high velocity. Speedrush play thrash metal at such a fast pace that there is a chance you might just bang your head right off your shoulders. “not everyone likes metal, fuck them” is the quote that opens ‘Reprisal Steel’, another fast paced and thunderous thrash metal assault that is simply adrenaline pumping and will leave you breathless. This superb debut album sadly comes to an end, and I for one will be hitting that replay button again (and again), but just before I do, the final song is the barn storming ‘Plague Storm’. The song builds from a very heavy mid tempo stomp into a steaming full on rage of relentlessness. Speedrush have delivered an excellent album of speed/thrash that will most definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

Overall, thunderous and exhilarating, Speedrush have delivered a fast paced and adrenaline pumping album of speed/thrash that will keep you head banging for a long time.


Endless War
Malevolent Torture
Into The Abyss
Freaks Of Nature
The Truth
Passive Aggression
Reprisal Steel
Plague Storm


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