Syron Vanes Album Review: “Chaos From A Distance”

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Syron Vanes are a heavy metal band from Sweden forming in 1980, releasing two albums, in 1984 and 1986 before taking a long break due to lack of success. Reforming years later, the band released their third album in 2003 along with two more, in 2007 and 2014. The bands sixth album, ‘Chaos From A Distance’ is scheduled for release in 2017.

Bombastic and booming, the new album gets underway with the thunderous ‘Gods Of War’ setting a very heavy mid tempo pace. Stomping feet and nodding heads the world over as Syron Vanes blast back to a worldwide audience. ‘Angelchild’ delivers chunky riffing and an infectious rhythm with a distinct melodic edge. An anthemic chant style chorus will have you screaming “Angelchild” at the top of your voice. The title song ‘Chaos From A Distance’ picks up the energy levels and steams ahead at a high pace. Retaining a melodic edge across the chorus break, Syron Vanes are masters of the hard hitting, foot stomping, heavy barrage of buzzing riffs. The almighty NWOBHM influenced opening guitar riff to ‘Crucified’ is just awesome…and that riff is with the song from start to finish. The traditional British heavy metal influence is plain to hear and ‘Crucified’ is a cracking song. Bustling with energy and brimming with buzzing riffs, ‘The Seventh Day’ is a superb example of the “foot on the monitor” style of heavy metal that British icons Iron Maiden made their own throughout the eighties.

Syron Vanes may be from mainland Europe but their style of metal is most definitely British inspired. Clean and clear vocals with the occasional throaty rasp, electrifying guitar solos and galloping rhythms…definitely British heavy metal and not European. At over eight minutes in length ‘Trial By Spirit’ is by far and away the longest song on the album and is a majestic epic straight out of the top drawer. With a crescendo building intro and mellow guitar work, the listener is taken on a rollercoaster ride of musical majesticness from start to finish. Powering into life ‘Lies’ is a thunderous romp that borders on the speed metal genre. Get your necks flexed, ‘Lies’ is the stuff that head bangers dream of… Punchy and hard hitting with a sharp edge, ‘Shape Of God’ is a mid tempo foot stomper that is so heavy, walls will crumble and concrete will crack. The return of the NWOBHM guitar sound is oh so welcome as ‘I Don’t Wanna See You Die’ comes to life and thunders on. I grew up in the eighties listening to the NWOBHM evolution and am very fond of this style of heavy metal, and what Syron Vanes are delivering is taking me back to those wonderful days. This album will make every fan of the NWOBHM excited, and bring a smile a mile wide to their faces.

Bursting with heavy guitars and a thundering rhythm, ‘Saints On Fire’ bustles and barges its way through the airwaves. With absolutely no ballads in sight, ‘Chaos From A Distance’ (the album) is thirteen songs of full on, full steam ahead, traditional heavy metal. A doom laden riff introduces ‘Master Of Overkill’ to the party. A foot stomping, very heavy mid tempo stomp, ‘Master Of Overkill’ gives the listener a breather from the pulsating power that the album has oozed since it began. ‘Ringside’ displays a heavy melodic edge as it marches on through chunky riffs, thunderous drums and the most catchy sing a long chorus on the album. Bringing the album to a close in a furious flurry is ‘Sleepwalking’, the fastest song on the album and a final chance for the head bangers to head bang their hardest. Bustling with energy and brimming with thunder, ‘Sleepwalking’ is one of the best, last songs to end an album with.

Overall, a cracking album packed to the rafters with full on, traditional heavy metal that is heavy, catchy and has touches of melodic hard rock too.


Gods Of War
Chaos From A Distance
The Seventh Day
Trial By Spirit
Shape Of God
I Don’t Wanna See You Die
Saints On Fire
Master Of Overkill

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