Thunder And Lightning Album Review: “The Ages Will Turn”

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Thunder And Lightning are a power metal band from Germany formed in 2004 releasing their debut E.P. in 2005. The band released three albums over the next seven years with a second E.P. released in 2014. The bands fourth album, ‘The Ages Will Turn’, was released in 2016.

The new album opens with the atmospheric and tension building ‘The Ravaging Overture’ rising to a crescendo and then with an almighty bang, the album blasts into life with the blistering ‘Welcome To The Darkside’. Thunder And Lightning mix the German power metal style with the classic NWOBHM to deliver galloping heavy metal that is so head bangingly addictive. The new album sees the band take a heavier approach than the 2014 ‘Slice Of Life’ E.P. and in the shape of ‘Silent Watcher’ scorching across the airways, heads will be banging hard and fists will be violently punching the air. The guitars buzz and the drums thunder as ‘Silent Watcher’ steams on and on. With heavy riffing ‘Black Eyed Child’ stomps into life with the bands lead singer delivering powerful, clean and clear vocals. This fourth offering from Thunder And Lightning is proving to be just as catchy and infectious as all their previous releases.

Guitars duel and solos screech, the twin guitar attack so popular with power metal and the NWOBHM is mesmerising, and will place the biggest smile on the face of heavy metal fans all around the world. ‘Eternally Awake’ picks up the intensity and is a little bit menacing as it chugs into view and rumbles along. The vocal delivery here is a little bit venomous and you can clearly detect a mild growling of some of the lyrics. The band have been around for over thirteen years, have plenty of experience and skill, and are delivering a sparkling album…definitely one of the best this year. ‘Colombia’ features an acoustic led intro with a soulful/ballad like vocal delivery, and you feel yourself reaching for your lighter to hold aloft. ‘Colombia’ is a powerful power ballad and only just fits as far as calling it a ballad is concerned.

The thunderous and full on pace makes a welcome return as ‘One Blood’ gathers momentum and rampages on. Featuring a guest guitar solo by Alestrom and Wisdom guitarist Mate Bodor, ‘One Blood’ has all the trademarks of German power metal. The title song ‘The Ages Will Turn’ is a heavy, mid tempo bombastic blast, proving that all power metal doesn’t have to be high paced. ‘The Ages Will Turn’ has enough power to light up an entire city for many days. When I first saw the track list for the album and the song title ‘Hysteria’, my first thought was “please no, not a Def Leppard cover”… and thankfully my fears were laid to rest within a few seconds. ‘Hysteria’ is big riffing, hard rocking melodic heavy metal with the most sing a long ability chorus on the album. Bringing the album to a close is the seven minute plus epic ‘Mary Celeste’, telling the story of the disappearing crew from the ship Mary Celeste, in the 19th century. Featuring Der Schulz from Unzucht as a guest vocalist. ‘Mary Celeste’ is a meandering journey through blazing riffs, acoustic passages and rampant rhythms to keep you hooked all the way to its end.

Overall, high on energy and intensity, Thunder And Lightning have delivered an album full of power metal blended with NWOBHM to keep your head banging hard.


The Ravaging Overture
Welcome To The Darkside
Silent Watcher
Black Eyed Child
Eternally Awake
One Blood
The Ages Will Turn
Mary Celeste

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