Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets April 14th as the international release date for Katakomb’s debut tape, Chained to a Wolf.

One of the most exciting newcomers Iron Bonehead has come across recently, Katakomb is a brand-new entity hailing from Sweden. Although the work of one man, the swirling, swarming mysticism Katakomb creates across Chained to a Wolf, in fact, sounds like the work of ten men, such is the dense and grandiose sound this entity creates with its classicist-yet-progressive black metal. But let it be known that Katakomb is truly grounded in the purest of ’90s black metal magick, and is only “progressive” in the manner by which he layers his bewitching maelstrom. Two staggering tracks across 21 minutes, Chained to a Wolf is the bold, brazen introduction to a name that’ll soon be spoken of with reverence for and wide: enter Katakomb. Step forth with the tape’s title track at Iron Bonehead‘s Soundcloud HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Katakomb’s Chained to a Wolf
1. Chained to a Wolf
2. μάρνᾰμαι

May it reach the shores of heaven, that something is awake beneath the sunless waters.
Two songs In honor of the god of war…



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