Toxic Thrill Album Review: “Virtual Existence”

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Album Review By Gavin Brown


Mexican metal bands that have broken through on a large scale are sadly few and far between. There is only really Brujeria (if they do indeed count!) who have done so but scratch under the surface. There is an abundance of quality extreme bands from the country like Infinitum Obscure, Leprosy and Disterror. While not as heavy as the bands just mentioned, you can now add Toxic Thrill to that list. The thrash band has been bubbling under for a while now following the release of their Radiation Extermination album and they follow that album up with another thrashtactic opus in Virtual Existence.

The band’s thrash sound is very much influenced by Nuclear Assault, Exodus (the vocals are very reminiscent of the poser hating, late, great Paul Baloff) and Testament and those influences are undoubtedly huge but the band have their own spark and zest and use this energetic explosion to maximum effect on the album.

Classic thrash metal subjects such as the horror of the threat of nuclear war are explored as are more modern technological advances and all are tackled with a vibrant, lust for life from Toxic Thrill. Songs like Lethal Exposure and iFrenzy are explosions of life with enough twists and turns throughout to keep them so interested and the lengths of the songs are much longer than many thrash songs, but the sheer energy of them keeps them going on and on. Tornado Mosh is the albums standout track and its title is a perfect description of the song and will surely detonate pits every time the band play the song live.

The album ends with Apocalyptic Nightmare…The Day After, an epic song that takes in a mournful thrash ballad approach before exploding into a thrashy ball of exuberance and closes the album on a high. Virtual Existence is an album that follows the thrash blueprint closely but has enough of a spark of its own to make it stand out and Toxic Thrill have definitely marked themselves out as a band to keep an eye on with their brand of animated thrash metal.


Into The Web
Virtual Existence
Lethal Exposure
Dead Alive
Killer Drones
Tornado Mosh
Apocalyptic Nightmare… The Day After

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