Toxik Waltz Album Review: “Declassified”

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Toxik Waltz are a thrash metal band from Spain forming in 2009. Dogged by many line-up changes, it wasn’t until 2013 when their demo, ‘The Night Of The Living Oldmen’ saw the light of day. Further line-up changes occurred over the next couple of years until finally, in 2016, the band released their debut album.

Fans of old school thrash metal, in the aggressive and abrasive style of late eighties/early nineties (Max Cavalera fronted) Sepultura and German legends Kreator, will be drooling over ‘Declassified’, the debut album from Spanish outfit Toxik Waltz. At only thirty five minutes in length, ‘Declassified’ is out and out speed/thrash metal. The brutal and heavy riffing that greets the listener as opening song ‘Abduction’ gets underway is pure old school thrash. Relentlessly chugging, stomping hard and devastating the airways, ‘Abduction’ effortlessly flows from mid tempo to high tempo. Exploding like a rocket, ‘Thrash Metal Dictatorship’ races off at high velocity with an intensity heavy enough to crumble walls and smash concrete. Violent head banging is the order of the day as the mosh pit is wound up into a frenzied sea of mad jumping and the odd wall of death. Guitar solos screech and scream and the relentless rhythms cascading from every song on the album is so addictive, you will be hooked. ‘Beyond The Wall Of Sleep’ is menacing and the guitar sound is a beautiful blend of buzzsaw and jack hammer. The vocal delivery is a deep throated rasp, echoing the likes of Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Tom G Warrior (Celtic Frost) and Tom Araya (Slayer). This album is not for the faint hearted and should not be listened to if you’re trying to go to sleep.

With an increase in energy, intensity and pace ‘Island Of Death’ is a swashbuckling romp of rage and will hit you squarely in the forehead so f***ing hard you will be knocked right off your feet. ‘Island Of Death’ is a lightning quick thrash metal song guaranteed to have you head banging furiously. Old school thrash doesn’t get any better…or does it? The menacingly dark and heavy opening riff to ‘Politician’ is gonna make your knees go weak, with both excitement and fear. ‘Politician’ is a very heavy, mid tempo tango of blistering guitars and thunderous rhythms. ‘Octogenarian Violence’ is brutality mixed with a furious flurry of punchy and crunchy guitar riffs. Be prepared to have your senses pummelled with some of the hardest, heaviest and best guitar work on the album. As ‘Octogenarian Violence’ heads towards a conclusion, the guitar riff bears a striking resemblance to the beginning of ‘Phobia’, from the 1997 Kreator album ‘Outcast’…

The lightest, but still very heavy, song on the album ‘Srebrenica’ displays a much more melodic approach and is delivered at speed with the vocals the less throatiest on the album. The chorus break is also very catchy and has sing a long ability, not something that every thrash metal band can carry off. The hardest hitting, thrashiest song on the album is the sub three minute blast ‘Loudmouth’. Motoring at high speed with scorching guitars and a raging rhythm, ‘Loudmouth’ is a breath taking, head bangingly furious foray. The final song approaches with a mellow, acoustic fuelled guitar intro, becoming one of the most infectious and relentless thrash metal romps ever. Suitably titled ‘Thrashing Like A Maniac’, this entire debut album from Toxik Waltz will literally have you “thrashing like a maniac”. Press play, turn up the volume and enjoy the ride…

Overall, a relentless and addictive thrash metal romp, with an old school sound, reminiscent of iconic bands Sepultura, Kreator and Celtic Frost.


Thrash Metal Dictatorship
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Island Of Death
Octogenarian Violence
Thrashing Like A Maniac

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