Valient Thorr Gig Review, Coventry 17/8/2016

Valient Thorr,

The Pheonix, Coventry 17/8/16

Review By Mick Staley

Well having been stuck in traffic for 2 and a half hours in 30 degree heat, on a journey that is normally an hour, it was not a great start to my evening.

My interview was booked for 6.30pm I arrived at 7pm, never the less Valient Himself still made time for me and a great interview it was, which you can see on our You Tube site by clicking HERE


Now for tonight’s show, we have 3 bands no less and the night kicks off with ‘OLD MAN LIZARD

Since forming in Autumn 2011, Suffolk sludge/stoner outfit Old Man Lizard have received praise from critics and fans alike for their live shows and recorded output. They have officially released a split 7″ with Earthmass (on Big Riff Records) and Debut album “Lone Wolf Vs Brown Bear” (on Wickerman Recordings).

Although billed as Stoner- noir/ Country- sludge, but I found them very Doomy in parts and really compelling to watch.

They had some really great sound going on a really great opening act that I will definitely try to catch more of in the future.


Next up were ‘DESERT STORM

Oxford based riff hounds Desert Storm have been making a name for themselves since they formed in 2007. From the beginning the band have worked hard…with 3 albums and a demo and relentless touring of the UK & Europe with the likes of Karma To Burn, Nashville Pussy, Peter Pan Speedrock, Honky (ft members of Down/Melvins/Butthole Surfers) as well as support slots to the likes of Orange Goblin, Red Fang, American Head Charge and festival appearances at The Bulldog Bash, The Desertfest, Brisfest & Roadkill (BEL).

Desert Storm really impressed a really solid outfit with a big sound of stoner rock and fresh from their success at Bloodstock they were brimming with confidence.

Front man, Matt Ryan, although static at times, gives a great vocal performance with elements of Goblin and Sabbath oozing through and that’s not a comparison I use lightly.

Its not long before you get immersed in the great riffs and hooks and find yourself nodding away, Desert Storm are definitely a band worth checking out and I’m sure we will hear good things in the future


Finally  a little later than scheduled VALIENT THORR (Stoner/Punk/Hardcore/Southern Metal)

Valient Thorr is a wild ass rocknroll band said to hail from inside of the planet Venus. Since crash landing on Earth in the year 2000 they’ve played well over 1500 shows all over the world. They’ve toured with visionaries from Motorhead and Joan Jett to contemporary heroes like Mastodon, Gogol Bordello, Fu Manchu and Clutch.

Take it from any of their legion of fans all over the world known as the Thorriors:
“My God they’re striking. All Hail Thorriors!” – Wayne Kramer, MC5.

I hadn’t seen VT for about 8 years, very shortly after Valient had donated a kidney to his father and after seeing them tonight I was just going to write, STILL FUCKING NUTS!! Then leave my review there, but i suppose I had better elaborate.

If you hear Valient Thorr on Cd you will appreciate the music but it doesn’t come anywhere close to catching the essence of the band live.

I liken the show to more of an evangelical experience with insanity thrown in. Valient Himself is great at engaging with the audience between songs with his monologues and preaching s, which is extremely entertaining and could be a show on its own.

You then throw a very talented band into the mix with catchy songs and you have a show to remember. Valient Himself never stops as he dances around, throws himself to the ground and even does the odd press up while performing.

The set comprised of old tracks and new ones from the new album, ‘Old Salt’

Sadly I don’t have the set list as I was too caught up to notice and the band didn’t have any written down to pinch afterwards. My favourite from the new album was performed, ‘Looking Glass’

Also a treat for you here is a recording from the Coventry show, ‘Mirakuru’

Footage courtesy of Fargo tours

It was a sparce audience on a very hot Wednesday night in Coventry but we that were there were lapping it up, as Valient just kept going, running up and down in his famous red boots and generally having a good time. this is the great thing about Valient Thorr, the band are really enjoying what they do which is infectious.

The set was running well over time due to late start but as we thought it was all over we asked for one more, which we got and this was another  great track from ‘Immortalizer’, ‘Tomorrow Police’

After the set Valient and the rest of the band were only too happy to chat and mix with the paying fans.

If you see these guys advertised anywhere, then make the effort to go along as they are a band not to be missed, truly one of the best live bands around.

You will not have long to wait for the next visit to our shores as they will be touring with Clutch in December so get your ticket, you will not be disappointed