Vescera Album Review: “Beyond The Fight”

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Album Review By Iron Mathew


Vescera are a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2015 who are set to release their debut album in 2017. Led by former Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen and Obsession vocalist Mike Vescera, the band line up is completed by former Nitehawks duo, guitarist Mike Petrone and bass player Frank Leone, and current Annihilator drummer Fabio Alessandrini.

With the amount of talent and experience within the band, the weight of expectation is tremendously high for the debut album to be nothing less than excellent. And what you get is forty minutes of superb melodic heavy metal, played with passion and pride. The quality is top drawer, the music is head bangingly addictive and every song on offer is memorable and infectious. ‘Blackout In Paradise’ is top notch power metal, played at pace, and is a storming rampage of galloping rhythms and blistering guitars. Raise your fists high in the air, this is gonna be an exhilarating ride. ‘In The Night’ is a bombastic blast and a furious foray of speed and power, the album owing much of its sound to the American style of power metal rather than the European, but it doesn’t really matter when it’s this bloody good. The scorching pace of ‘Stand And Fight’ is simply breath taking and will have your adrenalin levels sky rocket. Ferociously fast, ‘Stand And Fight’ is a head bangers dream. Massage those neck muscles and get your heads banging…

Dropping the pace a little, the melodic and hard hitting hard rocking ‘Dynamite’ will demolish walls with its fierce and aggressive nature. ‘Dynamite’ is one of the best melodic hard rock songs I have heard for some time. With a swagger and a swish, ‘Looking For Trouble’ rolls in and is a swashbuckling romp of blues and Southern Rock influences. How the band have managed to incorporate these influences and keep ‘Looking For Trouble’ firmly in the heavy metal and hard rock genres is amazing and shows just how great their talent is. With an injection of heavy, ‘Vendetta’ is a blistering show of heavy power metal at its very best. The vocal performance across the entire album is clean, clear and passionate…nothing less than I expected from Mike Vescera.

Pushing his voice to higher limits, ‘Troubled Man’ is a bombastic, mid tempo huge slab of infectious hard rock, with ‘Never Letting Go’ offering up much of the same. However, ‘Never Letting Go’ is the most addictive and catchy song off the album and will have you smiling from ear to ear and singing along like a mad one. Foot stomping and head banging is very much in order from start to finish with this album and the final song on the album will continue to flex your neck. ‘Suite 95’ is the epitome of melodic heavy metal, with its catchy and addictive rhythms, superb guitar work and a top notch vocal performance. Vescera have given the world a superb album that will show the younger bands of recent years how heavy metal should be played.

Overall, a sparkling blend of heavy metal, hard rock and power metal to bang your heads hard to, and have you reaching for the replay button every time the album ends.


Blackout In Paradise
In The Night
Stand And Fight
Looking For Trouble
Troubled Man
Never Letting Go
Suite 95

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