Vicky Milne interviews The Answer’s Micky Waters


Vicky interviews The Answer’s Micky Waters

So how is it all going?

Very well thanks, we’re well in to our UK tour now of almost, I think we’re 12 shows in to it now,

Yeah a couple of weeks now isn’t it….

yeah couple of weeks, first week really was kinda feeling our way back in again, it’s been about a year since we’ve been on tour properly, and erm, we’re playing a lot of new stuff on this tour in the set from the new album Raise a Little Hell which is going down really well

Congrats on the UK number 1 by the way…

Ah thanks a lot! I mean going in to these things you never know what to expect to be honest, we very much recorded this album, very free spirited, we didn’t really over think things, we just went into the studio with a bunch of fresh ideas and didn’t really over think our parts in the song writing we all just brought in our own ideas, trusted each others musicianship to put down what we wanted to get down, which is a first for us to be honest

so this is your fifth album, they’ve all been well received especially this one, but obviously it was your second album that launched your MASSIVE tour with AC/DC, how was that for you?

Yeah that was an experience….you know, Some of the things that happened on that tour were unbelievable, it’s just ah, an amazing kinda playground if you want, being on a tour like that, it’s so different every day, and just actually watching it work, in the background you know.  No matter what city we rolled into whether it was Winnipeg in Canada, or somewhere…Tennessee, Paris, whatever, it just took over the entire city for the day, from the traffic to the advertisements to everything, it was just, amazing…

it was a long time as well wasn’t it that you were out with them…

yeah it was, it was about a year and a half, we made a lot of good friends on that tour, and the AC/DC boys still check up on us, listen to our albums and tell us if they’re any good or not, they really like this one so we’re happy with it hah

oh good!! so it’s kinda of a ‘oh we’ll put this one out there and…see what they come back to you with ha ha’

yeah!  Yeah they kinda helped us, you know, think about what single to pick and that sort of thing, coz we’re very bad at that ha ha

it’s always the way though, with an album that you’re all really proud of, and like, really into all of the songs that you’ve just laid down…..

yeah we all picked different tracks ha ha…

just picking one is crazy, it’s like asking you what’s your favourite track off the album..

yes, it’s a talent….one we don’t have

so you’ve been touring with The Picturebooks and Bad Touch….

yep! Local boys

yes, yep they are!

I believe they’ve got all their family and friends representing tonight so…that should be fun I think

yes they’ll be out in force

I hope so! I hope so.  Norwich on a Monday night, but we’ve been here before, and we always like playing this venue and it’s always quite busy, so we’re looking forward to it

yeah well, hopefully you’ll get a pretty decent turn out, like you say, it is a Monday night, but the Waterfront is pretty popular with the city goers

it’s an awesome venue!

it is, a really good venue, we’re really proud of it ha ha

so, you’re from Downpatrick, just outside Belfast…

Yep!  Well we all went to school in Downpatrick, we’re not actually from there, we’re all sort of from in and around that area, which is like saying you’re from the sticks basically, we’re all from out in the middle of nowhere.

What was the music scene like growing up there

ahhh it was so healthy yeah, it was like a mini Seattle, everyone had long hair and was in a band, absolutely everybody

so was it like mostly grunge influencing at the time?

Yeah absolutely, well Ash they’re from our school in the same area, and they kinda broke through and sold millions of albums, so they kinda led the way, and Therapy? as well, they all rehearsed in our area, you know, so many bands, that have made tracks other places in the world, they’re from our tiny little area, and it’s because we have loads of venues to play in and stuff,  we used to play in arts centres, schools, pubs, we’ve been playing in pubs since we were 15 years of age you know…

so what sort of, triggered your ‘I wanna play’ how did you get started in it?

Umm, myself and Paul, have known each other since we were 12-13 years old, we’ve been kinda playing around in bands, cover bands and stuff and at the start I guess we just wanted to go play in bars, have a bit of fun, meet girls and just have a laugh you know

as you do!..

raise a little

just generally why you start a band of course ha ha.  Then we started writing a few songs, when we got to 17-18, we started thinking ‘we can do something with this’, we met Cormac our singer, we all went to Uni to do Music Technology, we met him there, and um then we all stayed at university, then when we were about 21 we started travelling across here, and started touring and stuff.  Toured with Alterbridge and then…

oh wow so you kinda got straight in there

yeah well, we built up a good following in Belfast, we were selling maybe 400-500 tickets a show there, so, off our own backs.  Self funded EP’s , we recorded about 5 EP’s of our own and released them and stuff in Northern Ireland, and, got a lot of radio play around Ireland, so by the time an A&R man came to see us we were selling out shows anyway, and then we started touring around the UK driving ourselves, for about a year, then we got a deal and then, five albums later, ten years have passed…

and on Napalm too, great label to be on, some big names on there

yeah we like Napalm, we work well together, we have a good relationship.  It was their idea on this album to just do what we wanted to do.  The last album, although we’re proud of it, it was much more of a direct clinical approach to song writing and recording styles, it was trying to gear an album for kinda radio sort of thing, but this album is definitely not that, it’s very much stick to your roots and do what you do best really

yeah I have had a listen, and I do like it very much.  It’s very rock n roll and very, like you say, very rootsy and natural, which you don’t get a lot of with new people coming through with a lot of the sort of ‘hardcore’ bands breaking through…

well, yeah, there is.  There is a healthy scene out there at the moment though, Black Stone Cherry, Airbourne, Rival Sons, a lot of good bands

out of all the places that you’ve been very fortunate to play, where do you think you get the best reception and the best crowd?

In Europe, we do really well in Germany and Spain, actually we have quite big shows there, so a pretty amazing reaction like, it goes pretty nuts.  I think when we were touring the states for the first time, that was just pretty cool you know.  Driving across America tour it’s kinda as you dreamed as a kid, what being on tour was kinda like, and it was kinda like that, especially in hindsight you know.  So we’re getting to go over there for tour for six weeks in June and July so we’re looking forward to it.  It’s been four years since we’ve toured over there, so, our last couple of records, didn’t really stick much, didn’t really justify us going over there so, but this one is doing really well, so we’re really looking forward to it.

Obviously, you’re travelling a hell of a lot at the moment with this tour, and will be travelling some more

yep yep

do you have an ipod on the bus or your own mp3’s that you listen to?  Do you all listen to your own stuff?

On the bus, yeah, people just use their ipod or iphone and make a playlist or whatever

what are you listening to the most?

Well we’re making a playlist at the moment, we’ve got it started, it’s any songs that have got Hell in their title, or something to do with hell for Raise a Little Hell, so we’re trying to think of songs with Hell in their title..

or songs by Hell

ha ha yes or songs by Hell that sort of thing, yes we’re working on that at the minute…

What was I listening to today….I was listening to Mastodon today actually


Yeah that was good!

As you’re on the road a lot, when you do get time off, what is it you like to do, how do you like to rest or cut off?

Umm well yeah, in recent years not so much, pretty much writing all the time and time off, obviously you need a couple of weeks to just decompress after a long run after 5 or 6 months so, hopefully September we’ll get a chance to chill out a bit.  Yeah, but, I do a bit of running, if I go back to Ireland I go fishing.  When we’re not actually touring, we’re doing a lot of other things you know, we’re always thinking of what the next thing is, or working on the next thing, it’s very time consuming

what’s been the weirdest thing, or funniest thing that has happened to you on tour, or something embarrassing on stage….?

yeah i’ve fallen off…..I used to, up until a few years ago, climb the stacks, climb the kick drum and all sorts, and one night I fell, and landed on my back about halfway through the song,  I was so skundered I couldn’t even get up, I just played the whole song lying on my back on the stage ha ha, I haven’t climbed anything since, that’s what you get for work! I think I was wearing some sort of cowboy boots or something then or some big biker boots or something, so, I haven’t worn them since either hah

so you won’t be copying Joel from Airbourne and climbing up on top of the stage ha ha

no no no no, that boy can climb!!

and finally, a message for the fans reading and Metal Gods TV

for sure, Metal Gods TV, thank you for your support, if you haven’t already purchased our album, please go out and get it, turn it up and enjoy

I’m sure they will! Thanks very much for your time Micky

great cool, thanks! Enjoy the show