Wretched Soul Album Review: “The Ghost Road”

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Album Review By Phil Bruce


After being together for nearly 10 years (no mean feat in the current world of metal) Wretched Soul have their sound honed to just about metal perfection.

They describe themselves as ‘Blackened Heavy Metal’ – think King Diamond, Judas Priest tinged metal/thrash & have recently been picked up by the excellent UKEM records which should tell you everything you need to know.

Considering they’re a 4 piece which is fairly rare in this genre of metal the guitars of Steve Clifford, bass of Luke Mayell & drums of Andy Clifford alongside the part almost operatic/part death thrash voice of Chris Simmons showing Messrs La Rocque & co that they have genuine challengers in their genre.

At 8 tracks long ‘The Ghost Road’ clocks in at 40 minutes of dark, melancholic, evil metal that left me eager for more & wondering how this translates into the live show – I’m guessing pretty well as they’ve done many a metal fest over the last couple of years.

Titles like ‘Necromancer’, ‘Bury the Heretic’ & title track ‘The Ghost Road’ give you an idea of the kind of songs on offer & the kind of lyrical content we’re dealing with.

The album is packed with classic metal riffs & Chris’ occasional almost falsetto leading into King Diamond tinged scary-metal-darkstorytelling-growl (I’ll copyright it…). Songs like ‘War Wolf’ reminding me vocally at times of both John Cyriis & Chuck Billy – utterly unique & familiar all at once & very next tune ‘The Silent God’ (probably my favourite) heading down a much heavier route with a fluency in the context of the album few bands could pull off.

No doubt viewed by mainstream listeners as far too unfashionable to make the big time – I’ve no doubt bands like Priest & Maiden may have been told that once or twice early in their careers too – Wretched Soul deserve every success they’re having as very few bands do what they do anywhere close to as well as this lot. That’s a metal fact.


War Wolf
The Silent God
The Great Destroyer
Bury The Heretic
I am The Thunderer
We made The Gods
The Ghost Road


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