BODYGUERRA Album Review: “Fire & Soul”

“Fire & Soul”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Bodyguerra are a hard rock band from Germany formed in 2010, by guitarist Guido Stoecker – guitar teacher, bandleader, and musical director. Bodyguerra released their debut album ‘Freddy…nothing as it seems’ in 2013, and have supported Graham Bonnet on a tour of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. At the end of 2019, Guido, and vocalist Ela Sturm began writing songs for the bands sophomore album ‘Fire & Soul’…

…released in 2021, featuring twelve songs across an incredible sixty minutes play time. From hard rock to soft rock, AOR to the blues, and a little pop rock, Bodyguerra’s new album will attract all manner of rock fans. ‘Stay Free’ gets the rock avalanche underway with a melodic swagger – the kinda swagger you’d normally associate with Southern Rock. Also, the blues rock style of Texas legends ZZ Top is a part of the Bodyguerra sound. And that blend of various rock styles is splattered across every song on offer. Picking up the pace and oozing electrifying energy, ‘Danger Zone’ is a heavy hitting rampage, attracting a few fans of the metal persuasion too. And the signature sound of the band rises high with ‘You Never Know Why’ – a hard rocking bluesy feel filling the air. A catchy and highly infectious chorus will have listeners involuntarily singing along. Lowering the energy and oomph levels of the opening threesome, a much more mellow and dare I say it country feel comes to the fore – ‘Behind The Clouds’ a casual wander on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Ela Sturm’s vocals are drenched with a bluesy rasp, perfectly suited to this style of rock, as the album strolls on with the hard rocking foot tapper ‘Magical Touch’. With its meld of soft rock, AOR, and pop rock, ‘Magical Touch’ is gonna appeal to a very wide array of fans. Showing a progressive rock slant, ‘Steelheart’ is an up tempo and energetic romp – Bodyguerra effortlessly swaying from style to style as if it’s the most natural motion in the world. Guitarist Guido definitely showing an adventurous side to his song writing. ‘Soultrail’ brings a heavier vibe to the album, yet loses none of the melodious intent ‘Fire & Soul’ (the album) has shown since it began. The plodding nature of ‘Soultrail’ makes for a meaner and moodier feel when compared to what has gone before. Yet there’s still something very infectious about it!

‘Breakout’ picks up the pace, and displays the guitar sound associated with the iconic NWOBHM evolution. I’d even go as far to say that ‘Breakout’ is more metal than rock, displaying many metal nuances, including the traditional galloping rhythm, as pioneered, or is that invented, by heavy metal legends Iron Maiden. At almost eight minutes in length, the title song ‘Fire & Soul’ is the longest song on offer, and is a brooding barrage of blues rock. With its slower tempo and foot tapping attitude, ‘Fire & Soul’ (the song) is more attractive than first impressions would suggest. Tempo is upped and energy levels restored to normal for ‘Out Of Control’ – featuring a blend of Southern Rock swagger and traditional hard rock. ‘Believe’ features a memorable guitar riff and a catchy melody, both of which will have you foot tapping and head nodding from start to finish. Final song on the album ‘100 Mann’ is a sub three minute acoustic, err ballad! I’m not actually sure, as I think Ela is singing in her native tongue – leaving me no clue as to what she is singing about. All I do know is, mann is German for man, person, or husband.

Overall, a plethora of rock styles await anyone who presses play – across twelve songs, there is something here for every rock fan to enjoy.


Stay Free
Danger Zone
You Never Know Why
Behind The Clouds
Magical Touch
Fire & Soul
Out Of Control
100 Mann

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