COVENTHRALL Album Review: “Legend Of Morfuidra”

“Legacy Of Morfuidra”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Coventhrall are a power metal band from Finland forming in 2005 releasing their debut E.P. ‘Vision Weaver’ (under the bands original name Grudge’s Claw) in 2006, and debut full length album ‘Legacy Of Morfuidra’ in 2024.

Founded by vocalist Sami Ilvonen and guitarist Toni Bite (HellBite), the line-up is completed by bass player Jukka Hoffren (Amberian Dawn), drummer Janne Ojala (Silentium), and second guitarist Kimmo Korhonen (Solacide, Waltari) – Coventhrall deliver full throttle power metal with an incredibly melodic edge! The bands debut is a concept album, and promises listeners the “space adventure of the year”…

…”the villains of the story, space pirates aka Scavens invade the peaceful planet and solar system of Morfuidra in order to enslave the people and to steal technology and artefacts most sought after in the entire galaxy. The Elders – the Morfuidra government – refuse to give up and choose a young man, the hero of the story, to bear the artefacts and fearsome weapons of times long forgotten, to become their Avatar and send him out on a quest to seek help from the Galactic Emperor and the famous mercenary force Nova Burst. Also, the Emperor’s daughter Princess Celeste joins in the quest to fight for the freedom of Morfuidra”.

And as the story unfolds, every listener, fan and follower are treated to wave after wave of flamboyant, elegant and immensely infectious power metal – think bands such as Iron Savior, Krilloan, and Skiltron – ‘Legacy Of Morfuidra’ launching skyward with the two minute effects laden, tension fuelled ‘Prologue’, the album storming into life proper courtesy of ‘Morfuidra’. The band are majestic here, marching forth at a mighty mid tempo pace, standing at the heavier end of the power metal genre – ‘Morfuidra’ immensely infectious and more-ish!

And more Coventhrall deliver with the devastatingly quick ‘Dreadnought’ waking up every mosh around the world to send them into a maniacal fucking frenzy! The band are ferocious, pressing the pedal firmly to the metal, accelerating hard as though they’re trying to outrun a force ten hurricane! The opening double has been nothing short of eye – and ear – popping, the Finnish five-piece setting a phenomenal pace as the album roars on with the ground shuddering ‘In These Halls’ – Coventhrall maintaining the electrifying energy and intensity ‘Legacy Of Morfuidra’ began with! The oomph and gusto of the album so far has been incredible, ‘Avatar’ doing nothing to suggest it’s going to relent any time soon – a level of elegance not heard previously descending upon the album like an aeroplane descending to land! The sheer impact of ‘Avatar’ is outstanding, the band changing through the gears to deliver blistering speed alongside a more sedate power metal march – the varying styles of metal heard so far offering every listener a wealth of head bang ability! 

Head bang ability that’s at an all time high, the red hot scorching pace of ‘Space Race’ sending every metalhead in the world to head banging heaven – the band dropping a gear as ‘Space Race’ settles into the iconic feel and fizz of power come traditional heavy metal. Since the album began, Coventhrall have been unforgiving in their desire to deliver infectious and insanely high melodious metal, ‘Legacy Of Morfuidra’ one of the years biggest surprises! And boy there’s been plenty, even after forty years of listening to (probably) the greatest genre of music ever invented, I still get gossebumps when an album this fucking good comes along! The excitement I felt back in the eighties during my teenage years listening to the likes of Grave Digger, Helloween and Running Wild is the same level of excitement I’m feeling right now! And I know I’m only gonna get more excited, for there’s still five more songs to come – ‘Galactic Emperor’ picking up the power metal baton and running full steam ahead, the intensity level remaining unbroken. As are the levels of energy and head bang ability, Coventhrall storming on with shoulders back and head held high as ‘Empress In The Making’ strides tall and proud right through the heart of power metal territory!

All album long (so far) the band have remained steadfast in the metal zone, not deviating outside it for a single second, ‘Nova Burst’ remaining inside border limits to deliver the most raucous, hustle and bustle offering heard so far! Yet the band’s incredible melodious intent shines brighter than a thousand suns, ‘Nova Burst’ a crushing myriad of metal styles to take your breath away – something ‘Legacy Of Morfuidra’ has been doing since it began! ‘Battle In The Morfuidran Expanse’ picks up speed and rockets forth at a feisty pace, the band keeping the pedal well and truly pressed to the metal. You’d think Coventhrall might have run outta energy by now – no fucking chance! I reckon the band have a secret stash somewhere, an unlimited supply fuelling their phenomenal power metal stance – a stance that comes to an end with the albums final song ‘Victory’. A more elegant and majestic feel rises to the fore here, an almost hymn-like aura oozing outta ‘Victory’ – and why wouldn’t it? Just look at the song’s title, it says it all – ‘Victory’, victory at the end of the adventure and a celebration of achievement. For what the band have achieved with ‘Legacy Of Morfuidra’ we salute you!

Overall, a barnstorming album of all out foot to the floor power metal with immense head bang ability and an infectious nature second to none.


In These Halls
Space Race
Galactic Emperor
Empress In The Making
Nova Burst
Battle In The Morfuidran Expanse

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