NEWS | We The Faded Share Latest Single “On The Inside”

We The Faded Share Latest Single “On The Inside”

We The Faded is a captivating atmospheric metal band hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Norway. With a unique blend of female vocals, low-tuned guitars, and a twist of pop influence, their music creates an immersive sonic experience that transcends genre boundaries. We are thrilled to share our latest release, In “On the Inside,” the narrator grapples with a surreal blend of dreams and reality, questioning their sanity amidst a backdrop of haunting illusions. The song delves into the depths of internal turmoil, where the protagonist experiences a profound sense of futility and mourns over words rendered meaningless. As the narrative unfolds, a visceral portrayal emerges, with the protagonist contemplating severing ties and exposing their innermost struggles.

Listen to “On The Inside” below:

We The Faded are:

Reetta Paananen, Robin Fargerland, Kimbo Gusty & Patrick Karlsen

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