RAGE Album Review: “Resurrection Day”

“Resurrection Day”
Album Review by Iron Mathew


Rage are a heavy, power metal band from Germany formed in 1984, releasing an incredible twenty five studio albums throughout a staggering career. Founded by vocalist/bass player Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner, he has led the band from the front to become one of the premier power metal bands in the world. And it’s no secret that Rage are an all time favourite band of mine, ever since I heard ‘Reign Of Fear’ (way back) in 1986! Fucking hell, was it really that long ago…?

And now, after thirty five glorious years, the masters of melodic thrashy power metal are back – with their twenty fifth studio album ‘Resurrection Day’. Preceded by the scorching single ‘Virginity’, the band are sounding heavier, hungrier, and more thrashier than ever before. With the instantly recognisable raspy growl of lead singer Peavy at the helm of the bands sound, the new album glides into life with the short, but rousing instrumental intro ‘Memento Vitae (Overture)’, before exploding into life with the albums title song ‘Resurrection Day’. Featuring the bands iconic ferocious yet melodic thrashy power metal sound, Rage are off to a flier. What a blistering start! First single released off the album ‘Virginity’, is a blazing outburst of all out thrash metal – adopting a mid tempo power metal stomp as it gets going proper. The instantly recognisable voice of Peavy, cuts a vicious and highly aggressive tone, yet retains the melodic edge which has made him quite the unique vocalist.

A superb opening double salvo, showing the band at their most fierce, becomes a superb opening triple, with the all out power metal gallop of ‘A New Land’. Much more melodic than the previous two songs, ‘A New Land’ is highly reminiscent of the bands classic eighties sound. Rage, and leader Peavy, have stayed true to their roots, deservedly claiming their place at the forefront of the worldwide power metal scene. Adopting a beefier and much heavier feel, ‘Arrogance And Ignorance’ is a bone snapping, neck breaking barrage of heavy power metal, yet has the most melodious and sing a long-able chorus ever! Well, maybe not ever – but pretty damn close. Rage really are masters of thrashy, yet melodic power metal.

The high intensity power metal march is in full flight now, increasing in pace as ‘Man In Chains’ lets rip, rampaging fiercely as it gallops on by. But yet again, the melodious side of the band shines through, with the chorus, yet another highly infectious and sing a long-able affair. I really can’t praise the band, and Peavy, enough… Rage are world class and have been for over three decades. Picking up the pace and flying at high velocity, ‘The Age Of Reason’ is a speedster that’ll whip the mosh pits up into a frenzied state of excitement! The fast paced melodic power metal sound is as glorious as it has ever been – I could listen to this style of music every day for years… Oh wait… I have… For the past forty years!

Second single off the album ‘Monetary Gods’ slows the pace to a mid tempo heavy stomp – Rage mixing up the styles of metal, even bringing the anthemic style to the fore. The chorus is highly sing a long-able and will have an in concert crowd all screaming along in unison. Fantastic stuff from a thirty five year old band still performing at the top their game. Rage switches gears for the more “heavy metal” sounding ‘Mind Control’, which is also gonna be attractive to the hard and heavy rock fans too – the mid tempo pace and bombastic nature will reel them in.

Rage are a band that can seemingly do anything – they plant ballads on metal albums, release an entirely acoustic album, and perform with a symphonic orchestra… So when all pace and power disappears for ‘Travelling In Time’, I’m not surprised. Rage are well known for stretching their musical boundaries, with ‘Travelling In Time’ one of those moments. A folk metal flavour fills the air as ‘Travelling In Time’ gets underway, stretching its legs, slowly becoming a mid temp stride. And the surprises keep coming – ‘Black Room’ all mellow and serene, coming straight at you from ballad country, Peavy’s vocals more clean than anywhere else on the album. ‘Black Room’ slowly turns into a mighty power ballad with lighters held high in the air by adoring fans. The final song ‘Extinction Overkill’, ends the album as it began, in a ferocious furore of fast paced power metal, expertly blended with the bands unique infusion of thrash.

Overall, a very good album of thrashy, yet melodic power metal, from pioneering metallers Rage, a band who never fail to disappoint.


Memento Vitae (Overture)
Resurrection Day
A New Land
Arrogance And Ignorance
Man In Chains
The Age Of Reason
Monetary Gods
Mind Control
Travelling Through Time
Black Room
Extinction Overkill


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