Section A Album Review: “Wall Of Silence”

Album Review By Iron Mathew



Section A are a hard rock/metal band from Denmark formed in 2001 by Torben Enevoldsen, an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and producer. Torben has three bands on the go and also a successful solo recording career too, with each band having a foot hold in a different genre. Section A has released three albums prior to ‘Wall Of Silence’, which will be released in February 2016.

‘Wall Of Silence’ (the album) opens with ‘Wall Of Silence’ (the song) and believe me, it is not a wall of silence…hell no, ‘Wall Of Silence’ is a guitar driven slab of melodic hard rock with clean and clear vocals and an almost AOR feel to it. Picking up the pace over the chorus ‘Wall Of Silence’ rocks very hard. ‘Finding The One’ is a mid tempo foot tapper and head nodder, as the guitars drive the song on through very catchy riffs and hooks. Torben is a very experienced and accomplished guitar player and his skills shine through on more than one occasion throughout the album. Steeped in the melodic rock bracket, ‘All That Matters’ leisurely strolls on its way without a care in the world. Cracking vocal harmonies and melodies compliment a solid backline and the superb guitar work.

Chugging like a tractor ‘No Tomorrow’ takes on a slightly heavier feel than what has been heard on the album so far and with a sparkling high energy sing a long style chorus ‘No Tomorrow’ is a corker of a rocker. ‘How Long’ flows gently, echoing power ballad territory but somehow manages to stay at a tempo just outside. Again, guitars play a big part in the sound, but they are just brilliant…played by a brilliant guitarist. ‘Pray For Freedom’ picks up the tempo slightly and will have you gently tapping your feet to the addictive rhythm.

‘Bleeding Chains’ chimes in at over eight minutes in length and starts off with a darker, more moody atmospheric guitar intro until one minute in when the guitars chop, the vocals are sung lower and with an almost sinister growl. ‘Bleeding Chains’ is one of those wandering songs that weaves its own path, swinging from gentle ballad to high speed rock to melodic hard rock to power ballad…as is its want. Chugging hard rock at its finest sees ‘Holding On’ thunder into sight and you will find your head involuntarily nodding and your feet tapping, hard. The album ends with the bombastic and thudding rocker ‘When All Is Falling’. Huge on guitars, ‘When All Is Falling’ is jam packed with addictive rhythms and memorable guitar hooks.

Overall, guitar driven melodic hard rock, with clean and clear vocals, addictive and catchy rhythms with plenty to keep your feet tapping and head nodding.


Wall Of Silence
Finding The One
All That Matters
No Tomorrow
How Long
Pray For Freedom
Bleeding Chains
Holding On
When All Is Falling


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